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Carter Lumber Application – Apply Online At Carter Lumber Today

Carter Lumber Job Application Online

Founded in 1932, Carter Lumber sells not only lumber but siding, insulation, plumbing, electrical and all kinds of building materials and supplies. With corporate offices in Kent, Ohio, they boast more than 200 stores in 10 states, employing 3,500 people. Still family owned and operated, they believe in hard work and customer service. If you have an interest in building and construction, an interest in retail; or simply enjoy working around people, you may find that a Carter Lumber online application can get you just the sort of job you want.

Carter Lumber Jobs Available

Carter Lumber hires professionals for their corporate offices, and to work in departments like sales, maintenance and transportation. Store employees are called Yard Specialists and help customers to select the materials they need, assisting in loading them up, and maintain the lumber yard. First rate customer service skills are a must for a Carter Lumber job application, and previous experience in a customer service environment is highly desired.

Minimum Employment Age At Carter Lumber:

You should be 18 to fill out a Carter Lumber application form.

Carter Lumber Store Hours

Carter Lumber Yards are open  from Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm; and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm; closed on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Carter Lumber

It’s easy to submit a Carter Lumber online application for employment through the Carter Lumber website. Search their database for available jobs or create a profile that will allow them to send you an email when new jobs open that fit your criteria. Be sure to read each job description along with the basic requirements for it. If you have previous work experience consider submitting a resume that can highlight the skills you’ve acquired which make you a good fit for the job.

Don’t ever lie on a Carter Lumber job application form, but do try to present the information that shows you in the best light. Provide references and give the most complete information possible. Availabilities can change often, but you will hear from a store if your qualifications match an open position. All people who fill out a Carter Lumber application should be prepared to pass a drug test, since Carter Lumber is very committed to having a drug free work place. Demonstrate a passion for the business and commitment to the work in your interview.

Most Common Positions At Carter Lumber & Income Information

There are always many different positions open at Carter Lumber. A large number will always be entry level positions such as Yard Specialist, but they put a strong emphasis on promoting from within. If you can get a job that allows you to prove how capable you are, you could move up into management and beyond. Carter Lumber pays a competitive starting wage their employees.

Carter Lumber Benefits

A Carter Lumber job application online can get you so much more than a mere  job. They are so committed to training their employees and giving them chances to learn and advance in the company that they have their own school called The Yard University which provides all kinds of training classes and courses to their employees. They also have a competitive benefits package with features like insurance, 401ks and paid time off.

To visit Carter Lumber’s website click here.

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