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Duron Job Application Online

Duron Paints and Wall coverings, a business that began in 1949 as a small paint manufacturing company and store, is today owned by the large Sherwin Williams paint company. They cater specifically to professional painters, providing paints, stains, varnishes and many other kinds of wall coatings. They have over 300 stores located throughout most of the United States, Mexico, and parts of Canada.

Duron Jobs Available

Duron job applications are available through the website of their parent company Sherwin Williams. Entry level positions at Duron stores involve running the cash register, mixing paint, assisting customers, stocking shelves, cleaning the store and more. Learn all about the types of paint and how they’re mixed, as well as the everyday operations of a retail store. Managerial positions are available for those with previous management or retail experience.

Minimum Employment Age At Duron:

A Duron job application form requires you to be 18 or older.

Duron Store Hours

Duron store hours vary according to location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Duron

Search for jobs through the Sherwin Williams website and submit your Duron online application for as many positions as you qualify for. Be sure to check stores by locations; you may use the store locator on the Duron website to find out if there are any stores near you.

Treat your Duron online application for employment with the seriousness it deserves. If you have a recent resume include it, and, if appropriate, a cover letter to explain your interest in the business. It’s important that you put full and complete information on your Duron application form, but you should also try to present the information that shows you in the most favorable light. Be sure to have at least three good references; even if you don’t have work experience they should be able to testify to your honesty and good character.

If your Duron job application online leads to an interview, then be sure to show up on time and nicely dressed in business casual clothing. Make eye contact with your interviewer, smile and answer questions clearly and confidently. Don’t forget to say thank you afterwards and follow up with a phone call or email. Among other things, you will be asked about the hours you are available; the more hours you are willing to work, the more likely you are to be hired.

Most Common Positions At Duron & Income Information

Your Duron application is most likely to lead you into a position that is considered entry level or just above. There are plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement to those who are truly interested in the business and willing to work hard. Expect to start out being paid a little above minimum wage, with duties such as organizing the store, helping customers and mixing paint.

Duron Benefits

Through Sherwin Williams, Duron is able to offer one of the best benefits packages around. Their total benefits are worth 33% of the employee’s salary and may include such features as health, dental and vision insurance; retirement accounts and stock purchase; paid sick leave, vacation time and holiday time; and participation in various employee rebates or programs.

To visit Duron’s website click here.

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