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Gump’s San Francisco Job Application Online

In 1861, Solomon and Gustav Gump opened a San Francisco shop selling mirrors and frames, and in the century and a half since, the company has expanded its offerings to include all manner of imported items of home furnishings and décor items, sold now via catalog and website as well as at the store’s several locations.  The San Francisco store also offers creative options such as hosting elegant private events, cocktail receptions, and dinner parties, and offers customized lectures and seminars on topics ranging from antique jewelry to other fields of interest.  The unique “concierge” service allows clients to customize and arrange such private events.  Clientele can shop online as well, creating personalized accounts that include wish lists or gift registry, and have purchased items shipped directly.  Now marketing gift items, apparel and accessories, decorative accents, furniture and lighting, jewelry, dining and entertainment items, gourmet foods, bath and spa items, and imports from around the world, Gump’s steady upscale business provides employment opportunities for anyone interested in sales or logistical support of shipping and ordering.  If this describes you, don’t wait to turn in a Gump’s San Francisco online application for employment.

Gump’s San FranciscoJobs Available

Gump’s San Francisco employs sophisticated retail associates to assist shoppers, including the customized “concierge” service which includes acting as a client’s personal shopper for gifts or other items.  Additional support staff handles the logistics of internet and catalog orders, and shipping of those orders.  The Gump’s San Francisco application form can get you started in any of these positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Gump’s San Francisco:

The Gump’s San Francisco job application online is available to adults of age eighteen or over.

Gump’s San Francisco Store Hours

The Gump’s San Francisco store is open from ten in the morning until six in the evening, Monday through Saturday, and from noon until five in the evening on Sundays, with expanded hours (visible on the website) during the Holiday shopping season.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Gump’s San Francisco

  • Take into consideration, as you prepare your Gump’s San Francisco online application that the company prides itself on its sophisticated, elegant, and upscale service.  It’s important for you to show how well you will fit into this environment with a professional and error-free application.
  • Follow your Gump’s San Francisco job application form with a personal introduction to the manager.  Put on your best manners and your most pleasant smile, and let them see how well you’d fit in the Gump’s San Francisco team.
  • You can stay abreast of Gump’s San Francisco news by signing up for the electronic newsletter, as well as the store’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.


Most Common Positions At Gump’s San Francisco & Income Information

The Gump’s San Francisco job application is available for hourly in-store sales associates and salaried managers, as well as the hourly logistical support staff who handle behind-the-scenes logistics like catalog ordering, shipping, advertising, and financial matters.

Gump’s San Francisco Benefits

Your successful Gump’s San Francisco application positions you to enjoy the employee discount for the store’s events and merchandise.  Eligible employees also enjoy insurance benefits (health, vision, dental, long-term and short-term disability, and life), paid vacation and personal days, and retirement plan.With a century and a half of renown and reputation, Gump’s San Francisco is a prestigious and enjoyable place to go to work.

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