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Kirkland’s Job Application Online

With nearly three hundred stores in thirty states, Kirkland’s offers specialty items of home décor and imported items at competitive prices.  The company prides itself on its ever-changing inventory as new items of décor are found by the company’s purchasing team—a model of business that has proven successful for more than four decades of steady business and expansion.  Kirkland’s remains involved in the community as well, supporting Camp Charley (a medical facility where critically ill children can enjoy a summer-camp experience), Habitat for Humanity, and the American Cancer Society.  Offering a store credit card with financing options, gift cards, and customer updates and specials in the form of electronic newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter, Kirkland also offers the creative option for professional designers to enroll in a “Designer Advantage Program” enabling them to use Kirkland’s as the go-to choice for decorating purchases on the job.  With merchandise ranging from decorative accessories and textiles to furnishings, lamps, garden décor, and seasonal decorations, Kirkland’s helps people furnish and decorate their homes at low cost.  The website allows customers to shop online by categories of items, by new items, or “by room” to search for items for a specific room of the home.  Become part of the team with your Kirkland’s online application for employment.

Kirkland’s Jobs Available

Kirkland’s stores employ sales associates on the sales floors of their many stores, as well as cashiers and managers in the store sites, and logistical support staff at distribution centers and home offices, facilitating shipping, movement of merchandise, and business aspects including marketing and finances.  For any of these categories of employment, the Kirkland’s application form is waiting for you online.

Minimum Employment Age At Kirkland’s:

The Kirkland’s job application online is open to applicants of eighteen years of age or older.

Kirkland’s Store Hours

The “Store Locator” link at the bottom of the website leads to an interactive tool and a search-tool which enables you to find locations near you, and their store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Kirkland’s

  • Click the “Careers” link at the foot of the website to read about holiday positions, full time and part time positions, and employee benefits, as well as a link to the Kirkland’s online application.
  • You can prepare yourself for your Kirkland’s job application form by taking advantage of the website’s information, electronic newsletter, and Facebook and Twitter updates.

Most Common Positions At Kirkland’s & Income Information

Hourly positions with Kirkland’s include sales associates at the store locations, as well as logistical support at distribution centers and the corporate offices, handling shipping, online orders, financial aspects of the store credit cards and financing plans, information technology support including website maintenance and social media outlets, clerical work, and other positions.  Salaried positions include store managers overseeing operations and personnel at an individual location.  The online career center allows you to search available jobs by type (accounting, auditing, administrative support, advertising and marketing, computer services, customer service and call center, employee training, financial management, human resources and recruiting, loss prevention, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, supply chain, transportation and warehousing, quality assurance and safety, and other categories) or by location, and to submit your Kirkland’s job application directly from the website.

Kirkland’s Benefits

Eligible employees enjoy health coverage, paid vacations and holidays, and retirement plans; while every employee enjoys a 20% shopping discount immediately upon the hiring that follows submission of a Kirkland’s application.

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