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Kitchen Collection Application – Apply Online At Kitchen Collection Today

Kitchen Collection Job Application Online

Marketing a wide variety of cookware and kitchen gadgets, Kitchen Collection operates a booming business of online ordering, as well as two hundred retail stores across the United States.  Online shoppers can browse for items by category (small appliances, kitchen décor, cookware and bake ware, cutlery and BBQ tools, and a large selection of gadgets) as well as searching by Brand or by price-range.  The company offers free shipping on orders bought online, and features specials and deals, offers “As Seen on TV,” specialty gadgets of the month, gift cards, gift-selection assistance, and across-the-board low prices.  Frequently locating their retail outlets at Outlet Malls around the company, the Kitchen Collection highlights its low prices and wide selection in keeping their culinary customers content.  Customers can create an online account for ordering or creating of a wish list or gift registry.  Become part of the Kitchen Collection crew by submitting a Kitchen Collection online application for employment.

Kitchen Collection Jobs Available

The Kitchen Collection Company employs sales associates at its two hundred locations, as well as logistical support staff at its distribution centers and corporate offices.  Jobs that help keep the company running include positions in purchasing, merchandising, marketing and advertising, safety assurance, loss prevention, financial and accounting, information technology and computer services, transportation and supply-chain support, and management of individual retail locations and different areas of operation.  You are invited to put yourself forward for any of these positions with a Kitchen Collection application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Kitchen Collection:

The Kitchen Collection job application online is available to applicants of sixteen years of age or older.

Kitchen Collection Store Hours

The “Our Stores” search tool at the bottom of the website allows you to search among the company’s two hundred locations for stores near you, and their operating hours.  Some jobs, including warehousing and transportation, include shifts outside of the public store-hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Kitchen Collection

  • Select the “Job Opportunities” link under “Kitchen Links” at the bottom left side of the website’s home page to view available positions, as well as the link to the Kitchen Collection online application.
  • When you click on a position in the Job Opportunities page, the link will take you to a detailed description of the job and its responsibilities, and provides an interactive Kitchen Collection job application form which you can directly submit in order to apply for that position.

Most Common Positions At Kitchen Collection & Income Information

Kitchen Collection jobs cover the wide array of organizational support positions that keep the company running in its day-to-day business.  You can submit a Kitchen Collection job application for hourly positions as retail associate, shipping or warehousing, advertising or marketing, clerical or administrative assistant, computer services and information technology support, personnel and human resources, staff training, loss prevention, and other logistical support positions within the company.  The majority of job openings, however, are within the retail stores themselves, particularly the sales associate positions and salaried shift supervisors and store managers, whose responsibilities include the operations of the individual store as well as the personnel management of hourly employees within that store.

Kitchen Collection Benefits

Following your successful Kitchen Collection application you can look forward to discounted employee shopping at the retail locations and on the website, as well as (for eligible employees) healthcare coverage, retirement options, paid vacation, and sick leave.

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