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Mattress Giant Job Application Online

As its name implies, Mattress Giant is a retail outlet chain of nearly four hundred stores around the United States, offering mattresses, bedding, pillows, bedframes, bedroom furniture, adjustable beds, and sleep accessories at steeply discounted prices.  In addition to in-store shopping opportunities at its retail outlets, customers can shop online by brand, by category, or by price range, as well as signing up for updates and special deals by Facebook, Twitter, electronic newsletters, the “Sleeper Rewards” club, and the website’s electronic coupons button.  The company offers online order tracking, online account management, wish list creation and gift registry, and delivery services (which include thoughtful “extras” like being able to choose the delivery-day to fit the buyer’s schedule, and free removal of any mattresses or furnishings that need to be hauled away), and financing options which include layaway plans and no-credit-check financing.  Become part of the Mattress Giant team with your Mattress Giant online application for employment.

 Mattress Giant Jobs Available

Mattress Giant retail locations employ salespeople to work on the retail sales floors, as well as managers to oversee staff, scheduling, and day-to-day operations of the store location.  The company also supports a widespread support network of delivery drivers, warehouse workers, shipping and logistics support, and central office jobs that include accounting and finances, advertising and marketing, management of customer financial plans and payments, call center customer service, informational and technical support, administrative assistants, and other jobs, any of which can be yours with a Mattress Giant application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Mattress Giant:

The Mattress Giant job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years or older.

Mattress Giant Store Hours

The “Store Locator” link at the top of the website allows you to search by zip code for the locations nearest you, and to determine their store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mattress Giant

  • The “Careers” link at the bottom of the website leads you to the online career center, which allows you to search for currently available job openings, and to submit your Mattress Giant online application.
  • Although prior experience in the industry is always a plus, Mattress Giant is willing to train employees for their positions, and managers prefer to choose the best candidate for the job even if that candidate doesn’t yet happen to have experience in the industry.  You can increase your chances of success with a Mattress Giant job application form by taking advantage of the informational resources on the website to educate yourself about the company itself, as well as the products it offers.

Most Common Positions At Mattress Giant & Income Information

The most commonly available positions with Mattress Giant are hourly sales positions at the various retail locations, and salaried management jobs overseeing operations at those stores. Once you’ve successfully submitted a Mattress Giant job application for an hourly job, you’ll be well positioned to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to qualify later on for a management position with the company, if you’d like to convert the original job into a career path with Mattress Giant.

Mattress Giant Benefits

Employees of Mattress Giant enjoy discounts on the furnishings, mattresses, and bedroom accessories sold by the company, and eligible employees also enjoy the advantages of health coverage, retirement benefits, paid vacation and personal days, and other benefits from the company.  Get started now with your Mattress Giant application.

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