Pier 1 Imports Job Application

Pier 1 Imports Application – Apply Online At Pier 1 Imports Today

Pier 1 Imports Job Application Online

With more than one thousand retail outlets across the United States, Pier 1 has captured the hearts of consumers with its elegant and eclectic variety of imported home items, furnishings, and décor items.  Featuring cookware and dinnerware, home accessories, wicker and imported furniture, cushions and rugs and curtains and textile accessories for the home, fragrances and candles, and framed artwork and other elements of home décor, Pier 1 inarguably holds appeal for the browsing-shopper who enjoys an exotic experience in wandering through the store.  The company’s services also extend to online ordering through their website, which features an “idea room” and gift suggestions, mail-out catalog and electronic newsletter, and specials and deals offered via the Facebook and Twitter social media.  Shoppers continue to love the unique, fun, funky, and fantastic offerings of Pier 1, so your Pier 1 Imports online application for employment can put you right in the middle of a successful industry where you can enjoy job security.

 Pier 1 Imports Jobs Available

Pier 1 imports employs retail associates at its thousand retail locations, as well as managers of individual stores and various areas of operation, purchasers who bring in the imported merchandise, and logistical support staff at the company’s headquarters.  The Pier 1 Imports application form will set you up to interview for any of these positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Pier 1 Imports:

The Pier 1 Imports job application onlineis available to applicants who are at least eighteen years of age.

Pier 1 Imports Store Hours

Use the “Find a Store” link at the top of the website to search for locations near you, and determine their operating hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Pier 1 Imports

  • Click the “Careers” link at the foot of the website to enter the extensive online career site, where you can read about jobs at individual stores, at distribution centers, and at the home office, as well as overview, advancement, and benefit information for prospective employees, and a link to the Pier 1 Imports online application.
  • Remember that Pier 1 offers in-house training to existing employees to groom them for management positions, so your Pier 1 Imports job application form for any position can be a first step to a long career with the company.

Most Common Positions At Pier 1 Imports & Income Information

In addition to hourly positions as sales associates at the thousand retail locations, you can find the Pier 1 Imports job application for a long list of other support positions at the home office and distribution center.  These include human resources, staff training, community relations, risk management, records management, transportation logistics, merchandise compliance, distribution, import/export services, accounting, corporate purchasing, information services, marketing and public relations, merchandising, store planning, and of course the salaried management opportunities overseeing individual retail locations, different areas of operation, and geographic regions .

Pier 1 Imports Benefits

As you will find after your successful Pier 1 Imports application this is a company that takes pride in taking care of its employees.  Eligible employees receive medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as health programs for pregnancy and wellness, life insurance, disability insurance, business travel insurance, flexible scheduling, paid time off for holidays, vacation, personal days, jury duty, bereavement, and family leave, and financial incentives like a shopping discount, 401(K), stock options, and flexible spending account..

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