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Pottery Barn Application – Apply Online At Pottery Barn Today

Pottery Barn Job Application Online

For well over half a century, Pottery Barn has been assisting its customers to decorate and furnish their homes with innovative and stylish accessories and furnishings at affordable prices.  The retail chain offers furnishings, outdoor furniture and décor, rugs and window coverings and home textile accessories, bedding and bath accessories and fixtures, lighting, kitchen items, and other treasures which make browsing (whether in-store or online) a pleasure for their loyal customers.  The company also offers services including gift registry, decorating advice, entertaining ideas, and design services (which begin with a free consultation to help a customer furnish and decorate their individual home or living space).  With a long record of customer satisfaction and financial success, this is an ideal workplace for you to consider submitting your Pottery Barn online application for employment.

 Pottery Barn Jobs Available

The Pottery Barn employs sales associates at its many retail locations, as well as corporate support positions that include shipping and merchandising, delivery, accounting, marketing and advertising, legal services, website maintenance and informational technology, and of course management positions to oversee various areas of operations, as well as individual retail locations and employees. For any of these positions, a Pottery Barn application form can be a great start to a career.

Minimum Employment Age At Pottery Barn:

The Pottery Barn job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years or older.

Pottery Barn Store Hours

The “Store Locations” button at the bottom of the website allows you to search for specific Pottery Barn stores and determine their hours of operation.  Many of the support positions, such as delivery, warehouse, and stocking, will include shifts that don’t fall within the range of store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Pottery Barn

  • Click the “Our company” button near the bottom of the website, and then select “Careers” from the drop-down menu.  This link will lead you to the career center of the Williams-Sonoma parent company, where you can read about benefits and current openings, as well as access the link to the Pottery Barn online application.
  • The online Career Center allows you to search for and view current jobs, create an online applicant profile, and submit your Pottery Barn job application form for any positions which suit you.

Most Common Positions At Pottery Barn & Income Information

The most commonly available positions at Pottery Barn are the hourly sales associate positions at the many retail locations across the country.  You can also search for openings and submit a Pottery Barn job application for the logistical support positions with the corporation, which include accounting, advertising and marketing, supply-chain logistics, warehouse management, shipping and transportation, corporate purchasing, website maintenance and information technology, legal and real estate management, and other aspects of the company’s business.  Management positions are also available, with salary and benefits, for those who are qualified and motivated to oversee individual retail locations (overseeing staffing and scheduling, merchandising, financial transactions, and day-to-day operations of the store) as well as areas of operation within the corporation, and geographic areas of operation.

Pottery Barn Benefits

Every employee who successfully submits a Pottery Barn application enjoys the benefits of a pleasant work atmosphere and employee shopping discounts.  Additionally, qualified employees receive benefit packages that include health coverage, vision and dental insurance, disability and life insurance, paid vacations and personal leave, flexible scheduling, and retirement plans.

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