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Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals
Application – Apply Online At Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals

Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals
Job Application Online

With more than half a century of business history, more than seven hundred stores, and nearly three thousand employees, Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals is truly a giant in the retail world of mattress sales. The store was founded by a man who grew up working at his father’s New York mattress store, hand-stitching mattresses, and used his experience to open a store of his own in 1957, an enterprise which has since grown into one of the nation’s largest mattress specialty retail stores. Offering in-store sales at its many retail locations, as well as ordering by phone and online, the company has expanded its inventory to include items of bedding, linens, and bedroom furniture as well as brand-name mattresses. The website features online reviews of different mattresses and products, financing and payment options, tracking services for delivery, and an entire section of “BedTime Stores” featuring contributions by customers.  To join a team which has been celebrating a success that’s anything but sleepy, turn in a Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals online application for employment.

Sleepy’s Mattress ProfessionalsJobs Available

Between its retail stores, its distributions centers, and its corporate headquarters, Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals employ sales associates, accountants, advertising specialists, buyers and merchandisers, human resources managers, information technology support staff, loss prevention officers, maintenance workers, trainers and recruiters, telemarketers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, and employees to handle inventory, logistics, legal matters, and real estate.  With such a wide variety of career options, you’ll be sure to find a job for which you’re qualified to submit a Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals application form.


Minimum Employment Age At Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals:

The Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals job application online is open to adults of eighteen years and older.

Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals
Store Hours

The “Store Locator” link at the top of the website allows you to search for the stores in your geographic area and determine their hours of operation.  Available jobs and work-shifts may also fall outside of the store’s hours of operation, with stocking, delivery, maintenance, and other jobs performed while the store itself is closed to shoppers.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals

  • Click the “Employment” link at the bottom of the website to read about benefits, internships, recruitment events, and employee testimonials, and to search for current job openings and to submit a Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals online application.
  • The online career center allows you to create an online profile where you can submit a resume, search job openings, receive notifications of new openings, and submit a Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals job application form for jobs of your choosing.

Most Common Positions At Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals
& Income Information

The retail locations employ hourly sales associates and salaried managers,while thedistribution centers and corporate headquarters employ staff in a variety of positions, both hourly and salaried.  The online search tool describes each available positions responsibilities and benefits, so you can submit a Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals job application for the positions best suited to your own skills, training, and experience.

Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals

Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals offers its eligible employees an extensive healthcare plan, which includes insurance as well as discounted programs for weight management, tobacco cessation, dental care, hearing and vision, and other elements of wellness.  They offer a 401(K) retirement plan, tax-sheltered flexible spending accounts for healthcare and childcare costs, direct deposit, employee discounts on company products (as well as with partner businesses), and flexible scheduling.  These advantages can be yours with your Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals application.

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