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More Space Place Job Application Online

More Space Place began its business model two decades ago, with the mission of providing consumers with furnishing options that save space within a home or living space.  Specializing in creative furniture options like custom closets and “Murphy beds” (which fold out from the wall as needed, freeing up living space during the day), the company now manufactures customized cabinetry and other space-saving innovations at almost fifty retail locations, and with additional online ordering business.  Having begun with just the Murphy Beds, the company now offers a full line of furnishings for every part of the home (or small apartment, as the case may be).  With such a unique retail niche—and consumers who are always in need of this type of product—More Space Place has proven its business model to be a grand idea.  Their product lines now include custom closets, home office furniture, garage and workshop organization, space-saving media centers, children’s furniture and closets (as well as a specialized line of teen furniture and closets) and space-saving furnishings for laundry, pantry, and utility areas.  The website offers free design consultation to assist customers in maximizing the use of their individual living space.  Your More Space Place online application for employment will position you in a niche industry where there will always be a need for your services.

More Space Place Jobs Available

More Space Place employs sales associates and managers at its various retail locations, as well as manufacturers for its custom closets and furnishings, warehouse employees and delivery drivers, logistical support positions (including advertising, marketing, accounting, information technology, and call center support) at the corporate offices, Design specialists who assist customers in drawing up plans for their individual living spaces, and managers of individual retail locations, manufacturing locations, warehousing locations, and geographical areas of applications.  Position yourself for any of these careers with a More Space Place application form.

Minimum Employment Age At More Space Place:

The More Space Place job application online is available to applicants of eighteen years of age or older.

More Space Place Store Hours

The “Store Locator” link at the top of the website allows you to search for individual locations near you, and determine their addresses and hours.  Some stores are open only by appointment on specific days, and many jobs with the company (including manufacturing, shipping, warehouse, and delivery driving) are likely to operate on shifts outside the actual store hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With More Space Place

  • Make sure your More Space Place online application is complete, error-free, and as professional-looking as possible; this is your first chance to make a great impression that could put you on the way to being hired.
  • Follow up your More Space Place job application form with a personal introduction, stopping by at the location where you have applied to work, and asking to introduce yourself to the manager.

Most Common Positions At More Space Place & Income Information

The most commonly available jobs for which you can submit a More Space Place job application are hourly retail associate positions at individual stores and manufacturing positions where the company produces its custom-design cabinetry and furniture.  Salaried management positions overseeing individual areas of operation are also available.

More Space Place Benefits

Your successful More Space Place application will enable you to purchase company products at discounted prices.  Eligible employees also enjoy health coverage, retirement plans, paid vacation, and other benefits.

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