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Williams-Sonoma Job Application Online

Now practically a household name among American gourmets, the Williams-Sonoma line of cookware stores had its humble start in the mid-1950s when a man by the name of Williams opened up a small cook-shop in the town of Sonoma, California.  Williams had recently visited France, where he had marveled at the array of cookware available in stores, which he hadn’t seen in American stores.  In 1971 he expanded his business by beginning to send out mail-order catalogs, and soon the business took off, adding locations and growing in national renown.  With more than two hundred fifty stores and a booming mail-order and internet ordering business, the Williams-Sonoma company continues to focus on the customer experience in the store, where the wares are displayed appealingly in a kitchen-type setting where there are often classes, demonstrations, and samples available for shoppers.  To be a part of the renowned team, submit a Williams-Sonoma online application for employment.

Williams-SonomaJobs Available

Positions within the Williams-Sonoma company include salespeople in the individual retail stores, managers at the store locations, and the logistical support staff to handle the logistics of online and mail-in ordering, shipments, deliveries, customer payments, and corporate logistics.  For any of these positions the Williams-Sonoma application form is a great first step toward a career.

Minimum Employment Age At Williams-Sonoma:

The Williams-Sonoma job application online is available to anyone over eighteen years of age.

Williams-Sonoma Store Hours

Click the “Store Locator” link at the top of the website to use the interactive map and search tool for Williams-Sonoma locations near you, and to determine each location’s hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Williams-Sonoma

  • Click the “Careers” link at the foot of the website to read about the company’s employment opportunities, corporate values, hiring practices, and benefits, as well as the link to the Williams-Sonoma online application. The online career center offers information in the categories of areas of employment (corporate headquarters, customer care, distribution, manufacturing, and retail); you can click on each of these areas to read details about the jobs, search for currently available openings, and apply for them online.
  • As you prepare your Williams-Sonoma job application form, you can create an online profile, which you can update as you continue your job search.  The online tool allows you to continue searching for openings as they become available, and your online profile helps you stay visible to the managers who might be making hiring decisions.

Most Common Positions At Williams-Sonoma & Income Information

The Williams-Sonoma company hires hourly workers to work at the customer care center (answering calls and providing online support), at the distribution centers (stocking, moving merchandise, and facilitating transportation), at its manufacturing facility, in sales positions at the retail stores, and in logistical support positions (including accounting, finances, information technology, and clerical jobs) at the corporate headquarters.  Salaried managers also oversee operations in each of these areas, taking care of personnel, scheduling, and day-to-day operations.  The Williams-Sonoma job application link is available online for all of these positions.

Williams-Sonoma Benefits

Employees of Williams-Sonoma shop at the company with a generous discount, and eligible employees enjoy paid holidays, vacations, life insurance, health coverage, disability programs, tax-sheltered spending accounts for healthcare and childcare costs, tax-free commuter benefits, family leave, domestic partner benefits, and a 401(K) retirement plan.  You can be on the receiving end of all these benefits with your Williams-Sonoma application.

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