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Cartier Application – Apply Online At Cartier Today

Cartier Job Application Online

The Cartier online application for employment can give you the opportunity to sparkle in your next job move – if you are looking to work in the luxurious jewelry retail industry, then Cartier may just have the job for you!

The Cartier job application online allows prospective employees to apply for a job at this luxury brand on the internet, with simply a click of a mouse. All you need to do to get started on the Cartier job application process is visit their website and download the Cartier application form.

Cartier was first founded in France in the 1800s, and was owned by the Cartier family until 1972, when it was sold to Swiss holding company Richemont. Although the headquarters of the company are still in Paris, there are currently over 200 Cartier stores in 125 countries across the globe, making this a truly international company.

Cartier Jobs Available

Jobs that can be applied for using the Cartier job application form include:

Boutique Sales Associate, Office Manager, Customer Service Representative. Administrative Assistant, Jewelry Sales Associate, Jeweller, Store Manager, Sales Associate, Assistant Store Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Cartier:

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at a Cartier store.

Cartier Store Hours

Mon – Fri: 10am – 8pm

Sat: 10am – 7pm

Sun: 11am – 6pm

However, store hours may vary by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Cartier

The Cartier online application process is handled by Indeed, a general job search website that contains all the information that you will need to get started on your application process.

Cartier believes in providing only the very best quality products to its customers, and likewise hires only the very best individuals to join their exclusive team, offering outstanding service and dedication. You therefore need to be passionate about the jewelry industry and about Cartier in particular if you would like to apply for a job at this prestigious company.

When completing the Cartier  application, there are a number of important tips to keep in mind to maximise your chances of success. First and foremost, it is imperative that you come across as thorough and professional on your application. You can do so by taking the time to complete the Cartier application form carefully, making sure to not leave out any important information and constantly checking for spelling and grammar errors. You should also be sure to include additional information and documentation that will show your suitability for the position. Always attach your resume and be sure to have contact details for references that can vouch for your professional conduct and previous work experience.

Most Common Positions At Cartier & Income Information

Following are the average yearly salaries for some positions at Cartier:

Security: $32, 000 / year

Supply Chain Manager: $55, 000 / year

Sales Assistant: $34, 000 / year

Archive Coordinator: $48, 000 / year

Supervisor: $47, 000 / year

 Store Manager: $71, 000 / year

Events Coordinator: $37, 000 / year

Cartier Benefits

Job benefits for employees of Cartier include:

Medical insurance, a 401k retirement savings plan, in store discounts on products and services, paid vacation leave and opportunities for training and career advancement. Benefits offered may vary depending on job position and experience.

To visit Cartier’s website click here.

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