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OfficeMax Job Application Online

OfficeMax is a large, general-purpose office supply store. Not only do they sell paper and printer cartridges, they also office furniture, technology such as computers, and cameras and phones; and everything from chalk to easels to janitorial supplies. In short, they sell everything you could possible need to equip any office. They also provide an extensive range of print services and FedEx shipping and packaging. If you want to get into the retail business on any level, if you enjoy technology or paper, then you may find that a OfficeMax job application form might be just the thing for you. They already have more than 30,000 employees, so there’s always room for a few more.

OfficeMax Jobs Available

OfficeMax hires many different people for many different careers. If you’re a business professional you may consider searching for a corporate job. If you’re seeking local or entry level work, then their many stores hire associates, specialists, supervisors and managers. Associates and managers assist customers, answer questions about merchandise and boost sales. Supervisors and managers require some previous work experience. Search the OfficeMax website to find the OfficeMax job application that suits your skills and experience.

Minimum Employment Age At OfficeMax:

You only have to be 16 years old to submit a OfficeMax online application for employment.

OfficeMax Store Hours

OfficeMax is open from 8:00am to 9:00pm on weekdays, from 9:00am to 9:00pm on Saturdays; and from 1:00pm to 6:00pm on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With OfficeMax

The best way to find a OfficeMax online application that’s appropriate for you is to put in some time on their careers page, reading through the posted jobs and job descriptions. They have several large categories of jobs, so be sure to check all of them for positions you might be qualified for. Be aware that they are not all in the same location.

If you have a recent resume, be sure to include it with your OfficeMax application form. A cover letter may also be appropriate, to explain what skills you have that make you ideal for the position. If your OfficeMax application leads to an interview then dress professionally and show up prepared to impress them with your knowledge of the company and enthusiasm for the job. Be confident but humble, make eye contact and answer questions clearly and honestly. Afterwards, thank the interviewer and follow up later with a phone call or email to show initiative and interest.

Most Common Positions At OfficeMax & Income Information

Because of their many locations, the most common positions at OfficeMax are probably associate and cashier positions in stores. These are entry level jobs available to people as young as 16 without previous experience. Expect them to pay as little as minimum wage starting out, but with the potential to progress and gain both responsibility and pay over time. You may be able to work up to supervisor then manager if you are reliable and hardworking.

OfficeMax Benefits

Your OfficeMax job application online could bring you such tangible benefits as healthcare insurance, a 401k, paid time off, flexible savings accounts, life insurance, an employee assistant plan and more. You’ll have many chances for advancement within the company.

To visit OfficeMax’s website click here.

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