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After Hours Formalwear Job Application Online

After Hours Formalwear was a company specializing in renting tuxedos and men’s formalwear. The company was bought by Men’s Wearhouse in 2006 and re-branded as MW Tux. It then became Men’s Wearhouse & Tux. After Hours Formalwear online application for employment no longer exists, however jobs and online applications are available online for Men’s Wearhouse & Tux. Even though you cannot fill out an After Hours Formalwear application, this article still contains useful information in regards to applying to similar jobs.

After Hours Formalwear Jobs Available

This company is no longer is hiring. However, instead of submitting an After Hours Formalwear online application, you can apply for a similar job at the Men’s Wearhouse website. Jobs available at the Men’s Wearhouse & Tux locations include store management and sales associate. Managers lead team members, promote suit rentals and purchases, and keep the store running smoothly. Sales associates assist store managers with customer service by building relationships with customers and knowing about the suits and other products they sell, and operating cash registers. This company wants its employees to try to have fun to promote a positive attitude. So even though an After Hours Formalwear job application form cannot be filled out, there are other options if you want to work in the tux rental business.

Minimum Employment Age At After Hours Formalwear

The minimum employment age is 18.

After Hours Formalwear Store Hours

After  Hours Formalwear stores no longer exist, however, Men’s Wearhouse & Tux, the company that  bought out After Hours has the following hours:

Monday through Wednesday: 11:00am to 7:00pm

Thursday and Friday: 11:00am to 9:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday: 12:00am to 5:00pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With After Hours Formalwear

Since this particular store no longer exists, it is not possible to fill out an After Hours Formalwear job application online. However, similar stores still exist, and the tips to fill out an After Hours Formalwear job application can be used with other companies.

We recommend applying in person whenever possible. Applying to a job in person gives you the chance to stand out from other potential employees by giving a strong first impression to go with your paper application. If you apply to a place similar to After Hours Formalwear, such as Men’s Wearhouse & Tux, it is important to dress well, as this company is in the business of dressing well. Show the managers you are serious about the job by showing up prepared, even to just apply. Make sure you are also well informed about the position you are applying for, it will give you a great advantage over other potential employees.

So even though an After Hours Formalwear application form is unavailable, these tips can be used to fill out an application for a similar employer to get you the job you want. Do not forget to receive our free report, “7 Secrets to Getting Hired!” to help increase your chances even more.

Most Common Positions At After Hours Formalwear & Income Information

The most common positions in tuxedo rental stores such as Men’s Wearhouse & Tux are sales associate positions. This position averages $7.00 and $8.00 an hour, or if salaried over $19,000 a year. Management positions vary widely depending on the type of store, but the average for Men’s Wearhouse is over $45,000 yearly.

After Hours Formalwear Benefits

After Hours Formalwear does not exist as an independent company any longer, however the organization which bought After Hours Formalwear, Men’s Wearhouse & Tux, offers numerous employee benefits. These benefits include paid vacation for full time employees, associate discounts on products, and the ability to advance within the company. Most managers are promoted from sales associate positions within the company.


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