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Old Navy Job Application Online


Minimum Employment Age At Old Navy: 18

Old Navy Store Hours

Monday-Saturday, 10 am-9 pm, Sunday 10 am–6 pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Old Navy

Filling out an Old Navy application online is a great idea for entry level employees, particularly students and retail employees looking for a new retail career.  An Old Navy application provides a great company to join.  Not only is it a modern and competitive firm, it is a rapidly expanding company with paid on the job training, excellent benefits, plenty of opportunities, international locations and a great reputation. Old Navy is on Hiring Status. An Old Navy employment application can be filled out online and are available at the link above.

You should always fill out an Old Navy application form and bring it into the store in person. Old Navy applications are always best received in person. Simply filling out Old Navy applications online does not make as good of an impression because that is what most everyone else does.  Take your job application for Old Navy seriously and you will be ahead of a lot of your competition!

To learn more about how to get hired quickly at an Old Navy store read 7 Secrets To Getting Hired.

Most Common Positions At Old Navy & Income Information

After filling out an Old Navy employment application, the usual starting pay for entry-level associates is between the minimum wage and $9/hr.

Sales Associate is frequently the first position given to those selected filling out a job application for Old Navy.  Entry level may be trained to assist customers, operate the cash registers, and more often times than not, stock products on the shelves.

Other entry level positions include working in the warehouse, taking part in inventory, and taking part in other tasks as needed.

Visual assistant is another possible entry level position to apply for on your Old Navy job application.  It requires looking over the display, making sure that the necessary information is present and that it is attractive to customers.
With time, many possible promotions are available.  There are careers in office administration, design, middle management and upper management.

The store has been in a period of rapid expansion so whoever joins the Old Navy team by filling out an online application for Old Navy will find themselves in a position to step in and assume new responsibilities at an increased pay rate.  Those applicants who fill out an Old Navy job application form for jobs on the professional level most likely need to be at a certain educational level to be hired.

Managers earn between $20,000 and $60,000 annually depending upon many factors, like experience, education, store location, job title and so on.  The positions in management include (in order of advancement) stock lead, cashier lead, shift supervisor; assistant store manager, store manager, and beyond.

Generally speaking, the following positions are available at Old Navy:
Stock Clerk, Sales Associate, Stock Lead, Shift Supervisor,  Assistant Merchandising Manager, Brand Logistics Expert, Assistant Store Manager, Brand Visual Merchandise Expert, Cashier Lead, Customer Experience Associate, Associate Designer, Credit Card Promoter, Designer, Designer for Kids and Baby, Designer for Women’s Maternity and Plus, Denim, Woven Bottoms and Outerwear, Women’s Active, Director of Design, Product Manager

There are positions available – not only at the retail store but in the corporate offices as well.  There is a need for new fashion designers, admin assistants, merchandising managers, product managers, and a host of support positions within the operation.  By filling out an Old Navy online job application form, you can find the ideal position for your qualifications.  If you do your job well, advancement is likely.  So be sure to submit your Old Navy job application online today.

Old Navy Benefits

Old Navy is well known for its competitive pay, great advancement opportunities within Old Navy or a number of other firms within the same parent company, The Gap.  Old Navy has benefits that are some of the best in the retail clothing industry. Old Navy employees will enjoy flexible scheduling, paid on the job training, and compensated volunteer work.   Part-time employees will receive a reduced benefits package.

Medical, dental and visual health insurance is available to eligible employees, plus optional life and disability insurance.

There are also future benefits, like a 401(k) retirement plan with company matching.  This enables the employees to save from before tax earning and have the company match the employee savings, say 2-4%, enabling the savings plan to grow twice as fast.  There is a limit to the match, but it is essentially free money and a benefit that is not often given by employers nowadays especially in a retail based environment.

Other perks include discounts for non-Gap products, like flowers, vacations, and trips to Lego Land.

The company also offers a stock purchase option for employees who want to further invest in the parent company, Gap Inc.  Health and wellness benefits are also given for good health and good attendance with the firm.  Some employees, based on their location, receive free gym memberships and weight loss counseling.

With the company’s many locations in North America, employees may coordinate a job transfer if need be.  The company has numerous stores in Canada as well as the U.S. which provides flexibility to those who want to grow with Old Navy.

Old Navy health and wellness benefits offer medical, dental, and vision insurance plans to eligible workers. Future planning benefits packages at Old Navy include 401(k) retirement plans and optional life and disability insurance. Additional employment benefits include stock purchase plans and the Gap Inc.

Helpful Things To Know About Old Navy

Old Navy employees have access to the Take Five initiative, a program allowing workers to receive five hours of company pay for community service volunteer work. For this reason Old Navy has won awards in the retail service industry.

Old Navy employees also get to take part in the Shadow program.  This program helps disadvantaged children follow an Old Navy employee on the job to get a feel for what it is to work in a positive, retail environment.

Old Navy was a spin-off company of the Gap.  With time, Old Navy has become an extremely productive venture.  Its revenues make up 40% of the parent company’s annual earnings due to its emphasis on reasonably priced, trendy and qualitatively constructed clothes for the average American, suitable for work, school and leisure.

Old Navy History And Trivia

  •  Old Navy is a thriving retail model, with more than 1,000 stores in North America.


  • Old Navy began as “Gap Warehouse“, an outlet of the Gap.  The store was intended as an outlet, or a lower end retail version of the Gap.  The combined Gap family employs more than 130,000 employees at 3,200 locations world-wide.


  • Old Navy sister companies include Banana Republic, Athleta, and the Piperlime shoes and accessories line.


  • Annual revenues for the Gap Company are $14 billion.


  • The Gap trades on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE as GPS.


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