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Victoria’s Secret Application – Apply Online At Victoria’s Secret Today

Victoria’s Secret Job Application Online

Like most retail jobs, getting your Victoria’s Secret job application through can be rough. There are a lot of new hires every day, and the hiring managers may have a limited amount of time to schedule interviews, leading to what can occasionally feel like an unusually long wait, especially if you submit your Victoria’s Secret job application online. Try and apply for a job during peak seasons, such as the holiday season if possible. Although you’ll start as a seasonal employee, don’t worry. Working hard and showing a good attitude goes a long way towards making the transition from a seasonal employee to a permanent employee, and from there it’s only a short hop to being assistant manager on the fast track to a career in corporate!

Victoria’s Secret Store Hours

Victoria’s Secret’s hours of operations are 10am-9pm Monday through Saturday, and from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Victoria’s Secret

Make sure that when you go in to the store to turn in your Victoria’s Secret job employment application that you ask to see the manager. Be courteous and make sure you’re well dressed- your first impression is vital. Turning your application to another associate means that your prospective manager won’t get a chance to make that good first impression and means that they won’t have the opportunity to associate your face and personality with another name on a form. Do whatever you can to make that first impression count!

The decision whether or not to hire you will be made in a week to two weeks. When you get a call back, typically the caller will set up an interview time, and you’ll be expected to demonstrate your comfort with handling possibly difficult questions. Do your best during your interview- if it’s good enough, you could be hired on the spot! Remember that Victoria’s secret employees typically wear all black while working and try to do the same- it shows that you’re a forward-thinking individual and demonstrates motivation and a knowledge of the company. Review corporate policy and common techniques, and impress that interviewer with your enthusiasm!

One of the biggest factors during your interview will be the questions the hiring manager will ask. You’ll be asked how you work in a team, why you’re looking for a job, why you want to work for Victoria’s Secret, and possibly a dozen other things. Be honest, be clear, and present yourself well. If you really do want to work at Victoria’s Secret as opposed to any other place, it’ll show through when you ace the interview!

You can print out the Victoria’s Secret Application Form Here: Victoria’s Secret Application

Most Common Positions At Victoria’s Secret & Income Information

Nearly all of the hires to Victoria’s Secret will be sales associates, although some stores will have specific employees as cashiers, processing, or sales associates.

Regardless of the position, the pay is the same- you’ll be making $7.50 to $8.00 an hour, starting out. Sales associates are required to work cash registers, and help customers get fitted which requires a bit of specialized knowledge.

Bra specialists start at $8.50 hourly, and are typically found at larger stores. These associates will specialize in sizing and fitting customers, and will likely develop a connection with “regulars” who come in to see the same person every time.

Category supervisors are promoted from inside the company, generally, and are offered an hourly wage of $15 an hour, with a very strong chance of promotion to Category Manager, a salaried position.

Victoria’s Secret Benefits

The benefits at Victoria’s Secret are standard for the industry, and are limited to full-time employees and managers.

The employee discount is 30%, and can be applied towards any company owned by the Limited Brands corporation, which includes Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and The Limited. You cannot use any of the coupons, except for Pink Nation coupons. You are eligible as an employee for the rewards card, which can come in handy if you frequently shop at Victoria’s Secret with your discount.

As an employee, you can also occasionally receive free or heavily discounted lotions or other new products.

Victoria's Secret Application

Victoria’s Secret History And Trivia

Victoria’s Secret is the largest segment of the publicly-traded corporation Limited Brands, which currently operates Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Work, Henri Bendel, La Senza, and The White Barn Candle Company.

The company was founded in 1977 by Stanford graduate Roy Raymond, who was embarrassed while purchasing lingerie for his wife in a department store setting. It was originally designed to have a comfortable environment for men, with helpful sales staff assisting the customer in selecting the right size and fit.

Beginning in 1995, Victoria’s Secret began holding the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which today is broadcast on television. It features elaborate costumed lingerie, music, and elaborate set design, according to the theme. It attracts hundreds of entertainers and celebrities.

Today, there are over 1000 Victoria’s Secret lingerie stores in the United States, with an additional 100 independant Victoria’s Secret beauty stores operating. These stores, along with Bath & Body Works, provide almost all of the corporation’s profits.

Although the company is today famous for its world-class models, they actually turn down requests from famous and beautiful celebrities every single month. The reason? Victoria’s Secret selects its celebrity models among women that other women like. With 98% of its customer base being female, they have a very vested interest in making sure that its customers like its models. Two of the most famous? Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, two women that other women clearly do not dislike.


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