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Bakers Shoes ApplicationBakers Shoes  Application – Apply Online At Bakers Shoes Today

Bakers Shoes  Job Application Online

Bakers Shoes is one of the top oldest footwear retailers in the entire country. With almost three hundred locations around the country selling top brands like Doc Martens and Sketchers, it is easy to see why Bakers Shoes is a sought after retail footwear store. Anyone who enjoys the hottest fashions and styles in footwear should fill out a Bakers Shoes online application for employment.

Bakers Shoes Jobs Available

You can submit a Bakers Shoes application form for many different positions. The positions that are currently available at Bakers Shoes include the need for cashiers, sales associates, and shift leaders. Upper level positions like assistant and general management positions are also available.

Minimum Employment Age At Bakers Shoes :

The minimum age for employment at Bakers Shoes is sixteen years of age. If you do not meet the age requirements you should not bother filling out a Bakers Shoes job application online.

Bakers Shoes  Store Hours

The store hours for Bakers Shoes vary from location to location, but most stores open their doors for business starting at ten in the morning every day of the week except for on Sundays when they open at eleven. Bakers Shoes closes at nine at night every day of the week except for Sunday when they close at six.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Bakers Shoes

  • When filling out a Bakers Shoes online application you should be well aware that you are facing steep competition. That is why it is very important to fill out the application to the best of your ability. Do not leave any questions unanswered on your application. If you are not sure how to answer a question, do not leave it blank. Showcase your abilities in a flattering light by focusing on your strengths.
  • Another helpful hint to remember when filling out a Bakers Shoes job application form is that you should include any qualifications, special training, or education that might give you an edge above others who are trying to get the same job you are. Making your application more memorable might be just the thing that lands you the job of your dreams. Having your application noticed is the first step in wowing potential employers.

Most Common Positions At Bakers Shoes & Income Information

The most common positions at Bakers Shoes are entry level positions. When filling out a Bakers Shoes job application you should clearly state whether you are seeking an upper level or entry level position. The most common entry level positions include sales associates, cashiers, and shift leaders. These positions are normally paid an hourly wage while upper level positions, like managers, are paid a base salary.

Bakers Shoes  Benefits

Filling out a Bakers Shoes application can open you up to a whole world of benefits and perks. All employees can look forward to on the job training, competitive rates of pay, and plenty of room for advancement. Certain upper level employees can receive 401K retirement plans as well as paid vacations and healthcare coverage that includes vision and dental. Bakers Shoes takes great pride in taking care of their employees. Benefits and rates of pay vary depending on which position you would like to be considered for.

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