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Steve Madden Application – Apply Online At Steve Madden Today

Steve Madden Job Application Online

Steve Madden is a well known name in the footwear industry but they do sell other accessories such as handbags as well. Steve Madden operates a number of stores in the United States and across the globe and is well known for its top notch product quality and excellent customer service. Individuals looking into starting a career in the footwear industry should fill out a Steve Madden online application for employment.

Steve Madden Jobs Available

Steve Madden application form can be submitted for one of the following positions, Sales Associate, Cashier,Sales Supervisor,Sales Assistant, Stock Associate, Sales Coordinator, Account Associate, Accounts Receivable Assistant, Accounts Receivable Associate, Assistant Designer, eCommerce Marketing Manager, Freelance Photographer, Key Account Associate, Lead Stock Associate, Graphic Designer,Marketing Manager, Handbag Designer, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Lead Website Photographer and Human Resources Associate.

Minimum Employment Age At Steve Madden:

In order to apply for employment via Steve Madden application online, interested applicants must be at least 18 years of age or above.

Steve Madden Store Hours

Steve Madden stores are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm and on Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Steve Madden

  • Steve online application can be accessed via the company’s website. Interested applicants are required to create a job application account before submitting an application. They can browse through a list of jobs and apply for the one that they are interested in.
  • An up to date and professionally written resume should be submitted together with the application.

Most Common Positions At Steve Madden & Income Information

Steve Madden job application is open to everyone who is above 18 years of age and has a valid visa to work within the United States. Steve Madden hires for a range of job roles but mainly hires for sales oriented positions. Other job openings may also be available from time to time and interested applicants are encouraged to keep a lookout for new openings on the company’s online career page. Depending on the role and location applied for, both full time and part time opportunities may be available.

Steve Madden pays its employees by either using a monthly salary or an hourly wage rate system. Part time staff is usually paid using an hourly wage rate system. However, no matter which system is used, both systems offer competitive pay rates.

Steve Madden Benefits

Steve Madden’s corporate culture is such that it encourages employee development. Talented and promising candidates are presented with a number of professional and career development opportunities and may be sent on professional trainings. Apart from this, the management also maintains open channels of communication and staff is encouraged to voice out their concerns.

Apart from career development opportunities, staff is reimbursed with attractive pay packages that consist of competitive pay rates and a number of benefits including medical coverage, dental coverage, health and life insurance, retirement benefits and in store discounts. The benefits are exclusively available for full time staff but the part time staff may also be entitled to some of them.

Steve Madden does not discriminate in its hiring process and anyone with a valid work visa may apply for a job with Steve Madden. The Steve Madden application for employment is open to everyone and disabilities and ethnicity should not hold anyone back from applying for a job.

To visit Steve Madden’s website click here.

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