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1 800 Flowers Job Application Online

1 800 Flowers was one of the first companies to utilize online sales. They specialize in sending fresh flowers, candies, gift baskets and other gifts via internet order, phone order, or one of over 75 retail locations. Online and telephone orders are fulfilled through a network of florists and shipped. A 1 800 Flowers application offers not only a potential to get into the flower business, but also involved in information technology and internet fields.

1 800 Flowers Jobs Available

The 1 800 Flower job application can be used to get many types of jobs. Programmers, system administrators, security engineers and online customer service are all required to keep a business that operates primarily via website running. In addition to these jobs, marketing positions are also key within the company since they must put their name out there, not hope someone will stumble upon their site, only one out of millions, on accident and place an order. Creative individuals are prized in positions such as these. Web design individuals are also required, as an ever-changing web business constantly needs new content and someone to maintain old content, to have a successful online company.

Retail positions may also be possible with the submission of a 1 800 Flowers job application form. While primarily an online company, this organization does operate stores in over ten states across the United States. Positions in a retail store may include sales associate, manager, or florist.

Minimum Employment Age At 1 800 Flowers

16 years old.

1 800 Flowers Store Hours

1 800 Flowers operates many different franchise stores across the country. Hours vary extensively from location to location. Most are open normal business hours Monday through Saturday, as well as special hours on Sundays. Check with the 1 800 Flowers website to see the exact hours for the location you are interested in working at.

The website accepts orders twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With 1 800 Flowers

Unfortunately, there is no 1 800 Flowers online application for employment. However, it is possible for you to send your 1 800 Flowers job application online. Their career website lists all current positions open for the company, excluding retail sales positions. To submit a 1 800 Flowers online application,

simply follow the directions below the position for which you are applying. Most of the time this involves sending your resume and a cover letter to the email address listed below the job posting. Alternatively, you can send your resume and cover letter to their human resources department. Tips for creating a resume and a cover letter can easily be found online. As with any application, be sure to carefully complete your resume and cover letter so it is accurate and free of any typos or errors.

To apply at a retail store, we recommend asking for a 1 800 Flowers application form in person. This will allow you to meet with whoever is in charge of hiring for that store. Remember to dress neatly, as first impressions are important.

Aside from retail positions, nearly all of 1 800 Flowers jobs are located in Carle Place, New York. An exception to this is seasonal customer service representatives who are allowed to work from home using their own equipment.

Most Common Positions At 1 800 Flowers & Income Information

Information technology positions are the most common at 1 800 Flowers due to the needs of running a large, efficient web business. Income is variable depending on an individual’s job within the company, however, since most positions are of a corporate nature, income is often salaried. A marketing specialist will make around $54,000 yearly, while a Unix administrator can make upwards of $100,000 yearly.

1 800 Flowers Benefits

1 800 Flowers offers discounts for employees, as well as other competitive benefits. For those working from home as customer service representatives, an added bonus is the ability to save money by not commuting or having to buy new work clothes.

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