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American Girl Job Application Online

American Girl is a subsidiary of Mattel Inc. that produces American Girl dolls, books, a magazine, and a line of clothing and accessories for dolls. The company is headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, and has been in operation since 1986. There is a wide variety of careers you can begin with an American Girl online application for employment, no matter what your skill set.

American Girl Jobs Available

There are literally hundreds of types of jobs available working with the American Girl brand. Everything from sales associates at one of the eleven American Girl retail outlets, to corporate positions, there are many opportunities to gain a job when you submit your American Girl job application. Just some of the positions listed on the Mattel website in regards to American Girl are department manager, sales department clerk, business analysis IT, doll hair stylist, human resources, cafe host, and even internships are available.

Minimum Employment Age At American Girl

The minimum employment age is 16.

American Girl Store Hours

The hours at the American Girl retail outlets are:

Monday through Thursday: 10:00am to 8:00pm

Friday and Saturday: 9:00am to 9:00pm

Sunday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Hours worked by corporate employees will vary.

Important Tips To Apply Online With American Girl

Your American Girl application will be an application to Mattel, Inc. Mattel provides American Girl online application through their website. It is important to fill out the American Girl job application online completely and accurately, no matter what position you are applying for.

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to apply for a job in person. This is especially possible and important when submitting an American Girl application form to one of the retail outlets. Retail positions get many applicants, but making a direct connection with whoever is in charge of hiring will make your application stand out, and improve your chances to land the job. Make sure to dress well and be informed about the position you are applying for to impress a potential employer, whether you are trying to get a position at corporate or attempting to gain a permission as a server at the American Girl cafe. In addition to your American Girl job application form, a resume and cover letter can show an employer you are serious about a job.

Most Common Positions At American Girl & Income Information

Retail outlet jobs and positions interacting directly with the sales of the American Girl dolls are the most widely available, however there are numerous other jobs available with every facet of the company. Salaries therefore range just as widely, from $9.00 to $16.00 at the retail levels all the way up to $83,000 to $97,000 yearly for certain corporate IT positions. Appropriate wages for a certain type of position can be found online at various websites.

American Girl Benefits

Medical, dental, and life insurance, paid vacation, retirement plans, paid vacation and holidays, school-related paid absence, and merchandise discounts are some of the benefits provided through Mattel for employees of American Girl. Additionally, Mattel offers various other services to their employees such as stock plans, service awards, adoption and personal help, as well as educational assistance. Benefits will vary depending on what position is held within the company.


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