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Armstrong McCall Job Application Online

Submitting an Armstrong McCall job application is the first step to an exciting career. Armstrong McCall is a distributor and marketer of professional beauty products and supplies. They have locations across the southwestern United States as well as Mexico. This store does not sell to the general public, and instead distributes products directly to stylists, beauticians, and other licensed individuals working in the salon and spa industry. Each Armstrong McCall location is an independent franchise. Unfortunately, there is no Armstrong McCall job application online.

Armstrong McCall Jobs Available

Armstrong McCall does not list available jobs on their website. To find out available jobs and submit a Armstrong McCall application form, you will have to visit the nearest Armstrong McCall store location. Since this company markets and sells to salons and spas, they will require people to assist in sales and marketing. Positions include sales associates, stockroom individuals, cashiers, and product consultants. Armstrong McCall also provides many services in addition to wholesale product sales. They offer classes and education to beauty industry employees, both on techniques used in the industry, as well as classes on the use of products available in their stores. Teachers must be employed to teach these classes. Like any employer, managers are needed to coordinate other employees.

While there is no Armstrong McCall online application for employment, the website does include information on franchise operation. If certain qualifications, which are listed online, are met, you could open your own location, becoming store manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Armstrong McCall

The minimum employment age is 18.

Armstrong McCall Store Hours

Armstrong McCall stores are all independently run franchises, so hours may vary. However, most appear to be open during normal business hours (8:30am to 5:30pm) Monday through Friday. Shortened hours are available on Saturday (8:30am to 1:00pm) and the store is closed on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Armstrong McCall

Since there is no Armstrong McCall online application, individuals wishing to work at this company must go to their nearest location to receive an Armstrong McCall job application form. This is a great opportunity to make yourself stand out and be hired. Many people go to pick up an application the same way they would go to buy something from the store, in an informal manner. However, to give a good first impression, and increase your chances to be given an interview, there are some tips to follow.

First, be sure to dress well when going to get your Armstrong McCall application. This company is looking for professionals to sell their products, and the easiest way to seem professional is to look the part. It is also a good idea to do some research before going to apply. Be familiar with the company, as well as the beauty industry before applying. Proving you know about the products will give you a leg up over people who have carelessly just dropped off an application. Finally, if at all possible, speak with the person in charge of hiring, so you may introduce yourself. Be sure to always be polite and treat the Armstrong McCall application process as seriously as you would an interview.

Most Common Positions At Armstrong McCall & Income Information

People aiding in the process of selling beauty products and supplies are the most common positions at Armstrong McCall. These individuals can expect to make between $16,000 to $27,000 yearly depending on hours and full or part time employment. Salaries increase as you climb the position ladder, with managers making between $29,000 and $58,000 yearly, and marketers making upwards of $71,000 yearly.

Armstrong McCall Benefits

Benefits will vary depending on employment level, and are comparable to other industry benefits. Additionally, working at Armstrong McCall gives you the ability work at a job that will teach you about the beauty industry with ongoing training and keeping you up to date about new trends.


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