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Babies R Us Job Application Online

Babies R Us is a specialty retailer of goods for baby products. They are part of the toy retailer Toys R Us. Its services include baby products such as cribs, diapers, strollers, high chairs, toys and clothes, as well as a popular registry for new parents to share what they need for their new child. Submitting a Babies R Us online application for employment could lead to a fun career aiding new parents with one of the most important and memorable times of their life.

Babies R Us Jobs Available

As a retailer, Babies R Us provides many opportunities for different types of employment. Sales positions are nearly always needed, especially around holiday seasons. In addition to general sales, there are unique positions such as assemblers who are employed with assembling toys and furniture, back of house specialists who are responsible for stocking and inventory, and maintenance employees. Babies R Us online applications are also accepted for positions at distribution centers which involve sending products to individual stores. Management positions both for Babies R Us stores and distribution centers are also found online, along with corporate and regional office opportunities.

Minimum Employment Age At Babies R Us

The minimum employment age is 16.

Babies R Us Store Hours

Hours vary widely from store to store, but most are open by 10:00am, every day. Monday through Thursday often have closing hours around 9:30pm, with Friday and Saturdays being open later, between 10:00pm and 12:00am. The stores often close earlier on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Babies R Us

To fill out a Babies R Us job application online, you must go to the career section of their website. This will take you to the Toys R Us corporate page where numerous job options are available. There are categories for whichever type of employment you are looking for, be it store sales positions, store leadership positions, full or part time distribution center work, distribution center leadership, or employment at corporate or regional offices. No matter which job you are looking for, the tips for filling out a Babies R Us job application form are the same. Always be sure to carefully fill out the information your Babies R Us application asks for, and double check it for spelling and grammar errors or typos. Taking a few minutes to read over your work can prevent your application from being looked over. Even the best employee may not be picked if a simple error makes their application look bad.

Applying in person is also a great idea. Being able to meet with a potential employer allows you to become known, instead of an anonymous application. Be sure however to dress well and be prepared when you go to Babies R Us to apply. Bring your  Babies R Us application with, and be prepared to talk about it with whoever is in charge of hiring. This will greatly increase your chances of being hired, since you will stand out more than everyone else who only applied online.

 Most Common Positions At Babies R Us & Income Information

 Sales positions are the most common at Babies R Us. Most sales team members will make between $8.00 and $9.00 an hour, with managers making more. Corporate employee salaries will vary depending on the type of work done, and are competitive.

Babies R Us Benefits

Eligible employees at Babies R Us are given the option of health, vision, dental, and prescription insurance, as well as paid vacation, sick leave, and personal days. Like most other major employers, 401k plans are available, as well as other employee assistance programs.


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