The Beer Store Job Application Online

The Beer Store was born in 1927 to serve the needs of customers in Ontario under the LCBO qualifications for retailers selling alcoholic beverages in a response to ease the prohibition previously enacted.  One of the company’s responsibilities is to make certain that underage persons are refused purchase for any of The Beer Store products.  In addition to refusing sale to underage persons, The Beer Store refuses sales to persons who are intoxicated as part of their Drive Sober initiative as a responsible retailer.  Employment with The Beer Store means an opportunity to work in any one of their 441 retail stores, 660-government owned retail locations and with any of the 140 retail partners that The Beer Store works hand-in-hand with to provide customers’ needs.  If you would like to work in a fast-paced environment and you are creative and motivated to reach your full potential in a career atmosphere, take the first step and submit The Beer Store online application for employment. 

The Beer Store Jobs Available

You may submit The Beer Store application form for any of the following positions:  sales associate, assistant manager, drivers, supply chain operations, customer relations at the corporate office.

Minimum Employment Age at The Beer Store

The Beer Store job application online is available to applicants of 18 years or older.

The Beer Store – Store Hours

Normal store hours for The Beer Store retail stores are from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. with variations on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Important Tips to Apply Online With The Beer Store

  • To access The Beer Store online application click on the link at the bottom of this page, which will take you to the “Apply Online” page for The Beer Store.  Scroll down to the “Store Selection” inset and select the city in Ontario that you prefer to work.  Choose the particular store of those in that city as presented.
  • Answer all the questions on the “Questionnaire” as completely and honestly as possible including all the languages that you speak fluently.  Click on the “Employee Application” bar and complete The Beer Store job application form.  Be sure to fill in the space for extra courses of study and the Miscellaneous section with skills that you have learned either in an educational setting or through other experiences that will set you apart for consideration.
  • When you submit the application and questionnaire it will be sent to the manager of the store.   You can only apply to one store at a time but you can apply to as many different stores as you like.

Most Common Positions at Loblaw & Income Information

The most common positions are in retail sales, retail marketing and stocking.  When you submit The Beer Store job application and questionnaire it will be sent to the manager of the store.   You can only apply to one store at a time but you can apply to as many different stores as you like.

The Beer Store Benefits

You can download the Questionnaire and application before you fill it out online for review.  You may also fill out the downloaded hard copy to a local store near you if you prefer.  Either way, The Beer Store application is the beginning of a rewarding career that includes promotion, competitive wages, full benefits and programs offered to help you grow and succeed.  If you are ready to work for one of the major employers in Ontario, get your application in right away.



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