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The Container Store
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The Container Store Job Application Online

When trying to get a job with The Container Store, don’t forget: The Container Store’s online application for employment is the only way to be considered for a job. There is no physical the Container Store job application, so you’ll have to use the website to apply for a job.

The Container Store Jobs Available

Jobs available include Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Room Associate, Keyholder, Visual Merchandiser, Loss Prevention Associate, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Maintenance Technician, In Home Designer, IT Systems Support Analyst, Shipping and Receiving Associate, Forklift Operator and Truck Driver.

Minimum Employment Age At The Container Store:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at The Container Store.

The Container Store Store Hours

The Container Store is open from 9am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday, and from 11am to 6pm on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With The Container Store


The Container Store is well-known for, what else, selling containers. Their selection of storage solutions is unmatched in the retail world, and the company prides itself on selling a truly incredible number of storage products suitable for the kitchen, office, closet, or laundry room.

When applying online to work at the Container Store, first visit the Container Store’s career page. Select the location, whether it be a store location, their distribution center in Dallas, Texas, their corporate headquarters, or the call center. Once you’ve made your decision, click on the View Positions button on the right. You’re one step away a genuine from The Container Store online application!

Most Common Positions At The Container Store
& Income Information

Entry-level jobs at The Container Store are much like entry level jobs at any retail location, despite the international prestige of the The Container Store brand name. As such, the most common position, sales associate, has many similarities to any other sales associate positions.

Sales associates at The Container Store are expected to have a wide and deep understanding of both the The Container Store products that customers are coming to the store to purchase and view, and of the corporate culture and ways of doing business. Since it is a higher-end store, many customers will know what they’re coming to the store for, and may be in a rush. It is essential that your knowledge of The Container Store products is spotless and precise.

In addition, you’ll likely be required to move boxes, organize inventory, ensure that both your work space and your store is clean and attractive, and work the cash registers at the store. If you have no prior experience in any of this, never fear- you’ll receive comprehensive on-the-job training in all of these fields. Before you know it, you’ll be a The Container Store expert.

Entry level employees at The Container Store make minimum wage, which is set by the federal government at $7.25 hourly. Your local legislation may have changed the minimum wage, and your pay will naturally depend on location, job title, and previous experience.

The Container Store Benefits

Part time employees benefit from an employee discount, a good starting hourly wage, and a flexible schedule. Full-time employees typically receive a competitive starting salary, health care benefits, life insurance, and a retirement plan.

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