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Happy Feet Legends Application – Apply Online At Happy Feet Legends Today

Happy Feet Legends Job Application Online

Making a Happy Feet Legends Online application for employment can see you joining a national treasure of an organization with history dating back to 1988. Today, Happy Feet still remains true to its roots by teaching youngsters the basics of soccer in the most enjoyable possible way, encouraging both optimum health and social interaction. There’s also a specially tailored program for older children to help them develop even more advanced soccer skills.

Happy Feet Legends Jobs Available

You can make a Happy Feet Legends application for the position of standard coach or league coach – both of which demand minimal experience. For the position of coach, you need to be able to dedicate at least 10 to 20 hours per week, while league coaches are needed for more like 6 hours weekly. If you love soccer and adore kids, you’re already qualified!

How Can I Get a Job at Happy Feet Legends?

Any person with a genuine interest for bettering the lives of youngsters and giving their own career a shot in the arm at the same time should fill out the Happy Feet Legends job application today. There are no specific qualifications needed to apply or to score a job with a national institution, just as long as you have the time to spare, at least a minimal amount of experience with soccer coaching and an undying passion for improving the lives of kids. It’s the perfect job to fit it around an already busy schedule, as sessions take place outside school hours at evenings and weekends. And of course, you must also be in an excellent state of health and fitness.

Where Can I Apply at Happy Feet Legends?

There is no specific Happy Feet Legends Online application form you can fill out on the web, so you must instead make contact with the organization itself via the website or by email on william@happysoccerfeet.com. You will then be sent all the necessary details to apply, including the Happy Feet Legends Application form.

Minimum Employment Age at Happy Feet Legends

The Happy Feet Legends application process is open to individuals aged 18 years or over, though older candidates with additional experience working with children may have an advantage.

Happy Feet Legends Store Hours

The actual hours you’ll be required to work vary in accordance with location and the schedules of those taking part. More often than not though, in order to accommodate the school hours of the kids, sessions and games take place during evenings and weekends – roughly six to 20 hours per week in total.

Most Common Positions at Happy Feet Legends & Income Information

Happy Feet is always looking for new coaches and league coaches to join the team – all of whom are offered an exceptionally attractive package of income and benefits. Exact salaries vary in accordance with hours worked, location and experience, though are always above industry minimums.

Happy Feet Legends Benefits

The most rewarding benefit of all that comes with a successful Happy Feet Legends Online application for employment is being able to contribute toward a healthier, happier and generally better life for dozens of children. There’s no feeling on Earth like making this kind of difference and you’ll be doing so every day. In addition, this kind of work is pure gold for CV advancement and can help lead to a rewarding career for life.

Happy Feet Legends Career Center.


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