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Kaehler Job Application Online

Kaehler does not provide a printable job application form. If you are seeking employment at Kaehler, you must visit the Kaehler site.

Kaehler Jobs Available

Kaehler jobs includeSales Associate, Merchandise Handler, Stock Associate, Key Holder, Inventory Control Specialist, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Buyer, Planner, General Merchandiser, Director of Marketing, Pricing Analyst, Designer

Minimum Employment Age At Kaehler

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Kaehler.

Kaehler Store Hours

Kaehler hours vary by location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Kaehler

Since Kaehler neither has a printable job application form nor an online employment application site, the only way to find out about openings is to call the location in question.

Kaehler’s site has a directory of all the stores in the nation, along with the addresses, phone numbers, and hours, so take advantage of the information. Call at an off-peak time, such as early in the morning, and ask to speak with the manager. Ask the manager if their location is currently hiring.

If they are not, or if they’re “accepting applications,” there really isn’t much to do other than to either try somewhere else or put in an application and hope to get called back.

If your location is currently hiring, the manager will let you know what you need to do in order to be considered for employment. Typically, they will have you come down to the store, fill out an application, and sit down for an interview. Once the interview is over, it will typically be no longer than a week before you find out whether you’re offered a position or not.

Most Common Positions At Kaehler & Income Information

At Kaehler, most entry level associates are Sales Associates. Most new supervisors are Assistant Managers.

Sales associates must have an outgoing personality, plenty of energy, and a passion for serving the customer. They should have an upbeat attitude, and the ability to quickly and efficiently work on a variety of projects, and to multitask. It is not uncommon to have to drop what one is doing to help a customer, and then go directly back to the important project, so it helps to be flexible and even-tempered. Sales associate is a high-visibility position, and employees that are productive and dedicated can easily find themselves recieving pay raises and promotions.

Assistant managers help with schedules, training, and hiring of new employees. Typically, they also dictate what hours and when each of the employees under them will work, and they may find themselves helping sales associates, merchandise handlers, or stocking associates as well, when needed. Assistant managers work closely with the store managers and are confident, persuasive leaders.

Kaehler, much like most other retail locations, offers its new employees standard minimum wage. Federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour, although your local laws may be different.

Kaehler Benefits

Part-time employees at Kaehler receive a good starting hourly wage, excellent hours, promotion opportunities, and on the job training. Full-time employees may qualify for retirement plans, paid time off, sick days, vacations, and more, depending on their job title and experience.


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