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Mori Job Application Online

Mori does not provide a printable job application form. If you wish to apply for employment, visit their website and follow the instructions.

Mori Jobs Available

Jobs at Mori include Sales Associate, Cashier, Customer Service Associate, Repair Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Telephone Customer Service Representative, Training Coordinator, Financial Analyst, Material Handler, Merchandiser

Minimum Employment Age At Mori

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Mori Luggage and Gifts.

Mori Store Hours

Mori’s Luggage and Gifts is open from 10am through 9pm Monday through Saturday, and from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Mori

Mori Luggage and Gifts is a somewhat small company, and it can be difficult to gain employment with them. The best steps you can take are to go through the individual store. Call up the manager and ask if they’re hiring. If they are, the manager will tell you what you need to do. If they are not, there’s not much you can feasibly do about it, except for trying to keep checking back. Odds are, the location you’re interested in will have an open slot before you know it. Don’t be afraid to be persistent!

If the location you’re interested in is hiring, make sure to dress appropriately to your interview. Since Mori’s is a smaller business, customer service and excellence in their field is paramount to their success, and they’re likely to make sure that you’re great with customers and are capable of handling yourself in whatever position you’re being interviewed for.

Most Common Positions At Mori & Income Information

The most common entry level positions at Mori are sales associate and merchandiser. For supervisory positions, assistant manager is the most common starting place.

Sales associates are the customer service superstars. Since they’re the first and last thing any customer sees, it’s important that they have a smile ready and are adept at understanding the needs of others. Sales associates should be friendly and well-groomed, and inspire repeat customers to their stores.

Merchadisers at Mori typically work in the back. They load and unload trucks, organize stock rooms, and move heavy objects, such as furniture, from the back to the front. They’re also the associates that would help a customer loading their purchases into their cars.

Assistant managers are, basically, assistants to the store managers. It’s their job to make sure that everything is running smoothly, on a very hands-on level. They typically deal with scheduling, training of associates, and making sure that company policy is being enforced. They are also in frequent contact with customers, and may act as additional sales associates when the situation demands it.

Mori pays the standard for entry-level jobs, $7.25 an hour. Supervisory positions make a bit more, depending on location, experience, and past performance.

Mori Benefits

Mori’s Baggage and Luggage employees will find competitive benefits. Aside from starting at a good hourly base pay, they also will find that paid training and flexible hours will help them continue enjoying their work. Managers and others in corporate positions will find that their generous salaries, retirement plans, and more will keep them happily coming to work.


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