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NZone Sports of America Job Application Online

Some junior sports leagues in the United States have become so competitive and the coaching staffs have become so demanding that it is no longer enjoyable for the children who participate. Children who do not have fun playing sports do not want to play sports. That is why NZone Sports of America is becoming the popular alternative to junior sports leagues in the country. Since 2010, NZone Sports of America has taken over the junior sports market in 17 cities across the nation. This is because NZone Sports of America has improved the SAFE for kids: Simplicity, Achievements, Fun, and Environment. If you have what it takes to be a part of NZone Sports of America and make playing sports SAFE for kids, complete and submit a NZone Sports of America online application.

NZone Sports of America Jobs Available

Coaches work to make football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, and other league games SAFE for kids. Coaching staff teach children of all levels and ages the basic rules and techniques in a simple fashion that is easy for them to understand and learn. Coaching staff recognize the achievements of every player and no child is left behind or benched due to performance. Coaching staff strive to make sports fun by making sure that every participant gets equal and fair treatment. Coaching staff promote a healthy environment for children by keeping attitudes positive; refraining from inappropriate behavior and language; and conducting themselves professionally.

How can I get a job at NZone Sports of America?

All coaches who submit an NZone Sports of America application must love to work with children and be able to follow proven plans and programs provided by NZone Sports of America. Coaches must always maintain a positive attitude and have cheerful personalities. A desire and passion to work with children coupled with the love of sports is a must. Coaches must have at least an intermediate level of knowledge regarding each sport that is offered in their location. Coaches must have outstanding communication skills that can be directed toward children and adults.

Where can I apply at NZone Sports of America?

The best way to apply for a coaching position is to submit an NZone Sports of America job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At NZone Sports of America

All coaches must be at least 16 years of age and have a clean criminal history.

NZone Sports of America Store Hours

NZone Sports of America tries to make playing sports easy for children and their parents. One way that they accomplish this is by only offering practices and games on weekends. In most cases, practices are conducted shortly before games are played. Most games are played on Saturdays or Sundays, but never on both days.

Most Common Positions At NZone Sports of America & Income Information

NZone Sports of America is looking for coaches who can commit a few hours during the weekend to serve their communities. Coaches will be compensated with an hourly salary that will be negotiated after an NZone Sports of America application is received.

NZone Sports of America Benefits

NZone Sports of America offers sports lovers the ability to serve their community and make sports fun again for young children. NZone Sports of America believes that every child is a winner and needs coaches who can promote this vision. If you want to make a difference in your community and make sports fun for children of all ages, submit an NZone Sports of America job application.

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