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Omaha Steaks Application – Apply Online At Omaha Steaks Today


Omaha Steaks Job Application Online

Omaha Steaks does not provide a printable job application form. If you are seeking employment at Omaha Steaks, you must visit the Omaha Steaks site.

Omaha Steaks Jobs Available

Omaha Steaks jobs include Retail Sales Associate, Cashier, Clerk, Bagger, Meat Cutter, Meat Wrapper, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager, Inside Sales Representative, Outbound Sales Representative, Warehouse General Laborer, Night Sanitation Worker, Freezer Assembler, Occupational Health Nurse, Wellness Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Receptionist, Bilingual Human Resources Receptionist, Human Resources Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Omaha Steaks

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Omaha Steaks.

Omaha Steaks Store Hours

Omaha Steaks locations are open from 10am to 7pm Monday through Saturday, and from 11am to 5pm on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Omaha Steaks

Viewing and applying for jobs using the Omaha Steaks website is easy and fast. Select a category that interests you, such as Stores, Industrial, or Holday, and click “Review Job Postings.”

Once you’ve selected a job, the site will be very clear in providing you with the job category, location, schedule, employment time, and hours per week. You will also be provided with the essential job duties you’ll be expected to perform and learn. The page will also be clear on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you will be required to possess already.

Fill out the captcha (the jumbled and hard to read letters near the bottom of the page) and click the apply button to continue on to the form.

Fill out this form, and all of the rest, accurately and completely. It can be in-depth, so be sure to take your time and do it right.

Most Common Positions At Omaha Steaks & Income Information

Omaha Steaks is an unusual company, providing, essentially, mail-order meat. There are a lot of opportunities to work with Omaha Steaks in a retail manner, though, and that might be the most common job position available today.

A Retail Sales Associate is expected to know a little about meat, or be willing to learn. Since it is an entry-level position, the requirements are low, and it can be the perfect job for a young person entering the workforce. Many retail sales associates are part time, as well, leaving plenty of time for school or other jobs. Working at Omaha Steaks is a great way to get your foot in the door in the management world as well- they’re a fast-growing company that’s been known to promote sales associates to supervisory positions, meaning that what started as a seasonal position could turn into a lifetime career! Omaha Steaks does its best to care for its employees, and retail sales associates will find themselves well taken care of by their company.

Omaha Steaks pay their entry-level employees federal minimum wage, of $7.25. If you live in a location with a different minimum wage regulation, your pay will conform to that, instead.

Omaha Steaks Benefits

Omaha Steaks provides generous benefits to its part time workers, including flexible scheduling, adequate time off, and good hours. Full-time employees may benefit from generous salaries, vacation time, sick days, and healthcare benefits.


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