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Pro Martial Arts Job Application Online

Many people are under the misconception that martial arts is all about fighting, but self defense training is only a small part of what Pro Martial Arts is all about. Since 2000, Pro Martial Arts has been focused on building confidence for its students and offering an excellent physical fitness regimen. Learning to self defense is just a benefit that comes with it. Pro Martial Arts blends the best elements of traditional sparring techniques including soo do, tae kwan do, and hapkito. This combination of martial arts provides optimal development of strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Pro Martial Arts is not just for kids, either. Pro Martial Arts offers specialized classes for adults and families. If you are an experienced martial artist looking for a place to hang your belt(s), apply for a position at Pro Martial Arts using the Pro Martial Arts online application for employment.

Pro Martial Arts Jobs Available

Pro Martial Arts needs experienced martial arts instructors who are willing to learn Pro Martial Arts’ methods and techniques and teach them to students. Using what they have learned, martial arts instructors implement a teaching curriculum in compliance with Pro Martial Arts guidelines. Martial arts instructors work with students, assisting them with practice, and ensuring they are performing movements correctly. Martial arts instructors prepare and evaluate students for promotions and train them to participate in competitions. Martial arts experts interested in learning and teaching a new breed of martial arts should apply using the Pro Martial Arts online application form.

How can I get a job at Pro Martial Arts?

To be considered for a position with Pro Martial Arts, you must have at least two years of experience teaching martial arts or have an extensive background in martial arts. You must have attained an upper level of achievement in at least one discipline of martial arts. You must be certified in CPR/AED and first aid. You must be able to teach individuals and groups as well as children as young as three years old. You must be energetic, athletic, and motivational. You must also have at least a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Martial arts instructors must be able to quickly learn Pro Martial Arts’ proven techniques and follow curricula provided by Pro Martial Arts.

Where can I apply at Pro Martial Arts?

You can apply for a martial arts instructor position at any of Pro Martial Arts’ 37 nationwide locations or by completing and submitting a Pro Martial Arts application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Pro Martial Arts

All instructors are required to be at least 18 years old.

Pro Martial Arts Store Hours

Pro Martial Arts is open from 4pm to 9pm on Mondays through Fridays and from 11am to 5pm on Saturdays. Pro Martial Arts is closed on Sundays and holidays.

Most Common Positions At Pro Martial Arts & Income Information

Pro Martial Arts is looking for martial arts instructors to work part-time during the after school and evening hours including some Saturdays. Martial arts instructors are paid hourly and their pay rate is based on their experience.

 Pro Martial Arts Benefits

Pro Martial Arts offers free use of their facilities for employees and their families as well as discounted instruction for their families. Pro Martial Arts also provides paid training to martial arts instructors and pays for instructors to attend competitions and other martial arts courses. If you want to work for one of the best martial arts trainers in the country, apply for a position as a martial arts instructor with a Pro Martial Arts job application online.

Pro Martial Arts Career Center.


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