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Pump It Up Job Application Online

Pump It Up is the premier location for parents, schools, churches, and other community centers to host parties and special events for children. With 143 locations in cities across the country, there is hardly a place in the nation that has been untouched by Pump It Up. Pump It Up offers an entire inflatable arena filled with inflatable slides, bounce houses, and jungle gyms where children can run and play safely. Staff members set up games and provide food and prizes to keep children entertained through the whole party. Parents can just sit back and relax while their kids have the times of their lives. No matter what your level of experience is, if you want to have a fun job where you will be making kids happy every day, submit a Pump It Up job application now.

Pump It Up Jobs Available

Pump It Up is always looking for exciting and fun people to apply for positions as party attendants, party coordinators, and shift supervisors.

Party attendants create the party environment and ensure that everyone who enters the party arena comply with safety standards. Party attendants interact with party guests and ensure that food, drinks, and entertainment are provided in accordance with party schedules.

Party coordinators work with clients to set up parties. Party coordinators consult with clients and ensure that all of their demands are met. Party coordinators work with party attendants to set up the party arena to the specifications of the guests. Party coordinators greet the party guests and supervise the party to ensure that all of the guests are relaxed and satisfied.

Shift supervisors oversee the whole party process and make sure that all parties are staffed. Shift supervisors test equipment to make sure that it is safe and properly constructed. Shift supervisors work with party attendants and coordinators to provide the ultimate experience for all guests and dissolve issues as they arise.

How can I get hired at Pump It Up?

Party attendant, party coordinator, and shift supervisor positions are all entry-level or near entry-level positions. There are no experience requirements for party attendants. Party coordinators and shift supervisors must have at least one year of experience working in party coordination or supervision. Employees must be able to work with flexible schedules.

How can I apply at Pump It Up

To apply for a position at Pump It Up, apply in person or online using a Pump It Up online application form.

 Minimum Employment Age At Pump It Up

The minimum age for employment at Pump It Up for party attendants is 16 years of age. Pump It Up is a great place for a first job. Pump It Up requires that all supervisors and party coordinators be at least 18 years of age.

Pump It Up Store Hours

Pump It Up facilities are only open when there are parties, so party attendants and shift supervisors will only be scheduled when parties are scheduled. Most parties are held on weekday evenings and all day during weekends. Occasionally, parties are scheduled during weekday days by schools, child care centers, and community centers.

Most Common Positions At Pump It Up & Income Information

Party attendant positions are the most common position available at Pump It Up. Most party attendants are paid minimum wage or slightly more. Party coordinator and shift supervisor salaries begin at $9.25 per hour.

Pump It Up Benefits

Pump It Up offers great experience in coordinating and working parties for employees who are seeking careers in entertainment. All Pump It Up employees are entitled to severely discounted rates for their own party needs. For an exciting career where you can party every day that you work and success is rewarded with smiles, apply for a position at Pump It Up using the Pump It Up application online.

 Pump It Up Career Center.


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