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Sun And Ski Sports
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Sun And Ski Sports
Job Application Online

The Sun and Ski Sports job application form is entirely online. Visit the Sun and Ski Sports online application for employment via the company’s website to apply for employment.

Sun And Ski Sports Jobs Available

Jobs available include Sales Associate, Cashier, Department Coordinator, Sales Floor Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Bike Technician/Mechanic, Visual Merchandiser, Bike Manager, Online Sales Associate, Online Customer Service Representative, Merchandising Planning Analyst, Shop Technician, Ski Technician, Skate Technician, Bike Builder, Shipping and Receiving Manager, Snow Ski Instructor, Snowboard Instructor and Hardgoods Coordinator.

Minimum Employment Age At Sun And Ski Sports :

You must be at least 18 years old to work at St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store.

Sun And Ski Sports Store Hours

Sun and Ski Sports is open from 10am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, and from 12am to 6pm on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Sun And Ski Sports


Sun and Ski Sports is a pretty cool place to work- instead of having sporting goods from all over the lifestyle spectrum, it restricts itself to only offering products for skiing, bicycling, skating, running, and camping.  In this way, it aims to provide truly excellent customer service in each one of its departments.

Before you fill out the Sun and Ski Sports job application form, callahead to the location you’re interested in working at and make sure that they’re hiring for the position you’re looking for. Turn in your application by hand to the hiring manager on duty, and be sure to dress well and be ready for an on-the-spot interview. It may not happen, but be ready just in case. Hiring managers are often desperate to fill positions that’ve been unfilled for too long, meaning that you can be hired quickly if you’re willing and capable.

Most Common Positions At Sun And Ski Sports
& Income Information

Since Sun and Ski Sports is a fairly traditional retail environment, it should come as no surprise that the most common position is sales associate.

Sales associates at Sun and Ski Sports are expected to be fast learners, and able to learn about the products and merchandise offered at the store within a couple of weeks after the start of their employment. In addition, sales associates are expected to already have a knowledge of basic math and customer service. You’ll likely receive on the job training for most other pursuits, including the cash register system. Since you’ll be working in sales, you’ll be expected to provide a customer-first experience, and have an outgoing personality and a great attitude. Customer should leave your store feeling appreciated and be interested in returning their business to you.

Entry level employees at Sun And Ski Sportsmake minimum wage, which is set at the federal level at $7.25 per hour. Some location and states may have a different minimum wage set, however, so check your local regulations.

Sun And Ski Sports Benefits

Part time employees at Sun And Ski Sports benefit from a competitive starting salary, excellent on the job training, and a positive work environment. Some employees, typically full-time or long-time employees, may get a salary, healthcare, and other benefits.

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