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Teavana Job Application Online

Teavana application online is the best way to seek employment with the company. Use the Teavana online application for employment via the company’s website.

Teavana Jobs Available

Jobs available include Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Retail Store Manager, Call Center Sales Manager, Facilities Maintenance Technician, Manager in Training, Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Corporate Purchasing Associate, Staff Accountant and Visual Merchandising Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Teavana:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Teavana.

Teavana Store Hours

Teavana is open from 10am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, and from 10am to 6pm on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Teavana

Teavana, as the name might indicate, wants to show you that good quality tea is the way to inner peace. Founded in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia, Teavana was founded by a husband and wife duo who invested their life savings into the concept after noticing that Americans were starting to gravitate towards the finer things in life.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys being around people who aren’t afraid to seek out the best in life, fill out a Teavana job application form today and get your place in this high-class establishment.

The application itself is absolutely simple. You’re presented with a series of search boxes and drop down boxes with subjects like keyword and job family. Filter the job search results to find a job that closely suits you, and then click on the job title to continue.

You’ll be able to see the title, site, city, state, and responsibilities and duties. Read over these carefully, and ensure that it’s close enough to be acceptable, and that you’re able to perform the job responsibilities with enough confidence. Check over the qualifications, and then click “Apply On-Line” to apply. Congratulations, you’ve sent in your Teavana online application and you’re almost there.

Most Common Positions At Teavana & Income Information

For all its high-class charm, Teavana is a retail location at heart. As is common amongst retail stores, the entry-level position is sales associate.

Sales associates will be expected to know a thing or two about tea before they’re hired, although a passion for tea is hardly necessary. An ideal candidate is open-minded, expressive, outgoing, and friendly. They should be able to connect with customers and understand the passions of those who seek nirvana in a well-brewed cup of tea. Many stores even serve tea to customers- a sales associate in those stores would certainly be expected to know their way around a cup or two, and be able to serve and display their high-quality products whenever required. If you don’t know the difference between oolong and rooibos, don’t fret. You’ll receive excellent on the job training as the more experienced associates and managers do their best to help you understand what’s going on, and make sure that you end each day knowing a little bit more about tea than when you woke up.

Typical employees at Teavana make $7.25 an hour.

Teavana Benefits

Teavana’s part-time employees benefit from a competitive starting hourly wage, good employee discounts, and a great on the job training program. Full time employees may be offered a salary plan, life insurance, and even healthcare.

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