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Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Job Application Online

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is a school that provides children and adults martial arts, and specifically taekwondo training. The school which was founded in the year 1970 has become an industry leader and in a very short space of time has expanded to a number of cities. The Tiger-Rock Martial Arts schools are excellent training grounds for young children who are looking to direct their energies in a positive direction. The mission of the company is to make the children strong and cultivate leadership qualities in them. The trainers at the academy do not only teach the children taekwondo and other martial arts, they mentor them as well and help them in realizing their inner potential. The academies of the company do not take in children only, youngsters and elderly people who want to keep themselves healthy and fit can also take part in the training sessions. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts currently has 200 academies operating in the Unites States and has even begun franchising as well.If you are willing to become a part of this thriving and quickly progressing company then all you need to do is to complete and submit the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts online application.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Jobs Available

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academies located all around the country are looking to add to their staff and are accepting Tiger-Rock Martial Arts application and CVs from martial arts experts and trainers. The job description of a trainer states that he would be responsible for teaching martial arts to the children and how to keep healthy and fit. As a trainer, you would also have to advise the children about how to use the skills they learn at the academy in a constructive manner and do not abuse the skills they learn there. Moreover, the safety of the children will also be the responsibility of the trainer and he would have to make sure that no one gets injured while practicing the martial arts moves taught at the academy.

How can I get a job at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts?

Candidates who are passionate about martial arts and want to make the life of the children a lot better should not hesitate in filling out the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts job application. The applicants must have a background of martial arts and must be willing to train the kids according to the guidelines that the company has set. Moreover, the candidate must have certification of having attended a martial arts school and must be experienced in teaching martial arts as well.

Where can I apply at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts?

The Tiger-Rock Martial Arts application form is accepted at all the 200 locations of the company. You can submit your job application using the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts online application form as well.

Minimum Employment Age at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has a policy that only allows eighteen year olds to become a part of the company. This is why the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts applications of only those applicants are considered who have crossed the age of eighteen when they applied.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Store Hours

Almost all of the Tiger-Rock academies remain open from 9am to 6pm. The timings of some of the academies differ depending on the region they are in.

Most Common Positions at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts & Income Information

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is currently looking for fresh trainers to teach the younger kids about healthy living.Like all the other staff members at Tiger-Rock, the martial art trainers are also offered a handsome salary package that is much higher than the industry standard.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Benefits

The employees of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are given ancillary benefits in addition to their salaries. People applying for the post of martial arts trainer will also be granted the same benefits which are going to include medical and dental coverage, life insurance, paid holidays and various training programs to help you in becoming a better trainer.As a trainer, you will also get access to all the equipment that we have available at our academies too.If you want to become a part of an incredible work environment and avail all the amazing perks that come with the post then fill out the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts online application for employment today.

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