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West Marine Job Application Online

Since West Marine does not provide a downloadable job application form, you must use the official West Marine online job application for employment.

West Marine Jobs Available

Jobs available include Sales Associate, Inventory Specialist, Assistant Manager, Operations Manager

Minimum Employment Age At West Marine:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at West Marine.

West Marine Store Hours

West Marine is open every day from 10am to 5pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With West Marine

West Marine is a company designed to be a community of boaters and boating enthusiasts selling high quality products to other boaters. Founded in 1968 as a mail-order business run out of a garage, it took almost a decade until it really took off. And when it did, nothing could stop it- it’s since expanded to over 335 retail locations and is employing over 4,000 workers. Submit your West Marine application today and find out if you can add to its swelling ranks!

West Marine’s online application site allows you to browse first for open positions, so click on a job title to get started. From there, you’re able to see the essential job functions, the general statement, additional job functions, and the expected level of education and experience.

If you’re able to meet the expectations and perform the duties listed, click on the choose a location button and find a retail location near you with openings in the job you’re trying to land. After that, it’s all filling out forms and sheets- nothing you can’t handle.

Most Common Positions At West Marine & Income Information

The most common positions at West Marine include the sales associate position and the assistant manager.

Sales associates for West Marine must know boats, or be willing to learn more than they thought could ever be known about boats. Since West Marine is a company of boating enthusiasts selling to other boating enthusiasts, there is little leeway. Customers expect a certain level of knowledge, and they certainly have a right to expect that an associate working in a boating store would know a thing or two. In addition to having great boating knowledge, the associate must have a great personality, an outstanding work ethic, and the ability to work quickly and efficiently even when the store’s busy or understaffed temporarily.

Assistant managers should be able to do everything a sales associate can do, and more. They’re responsible for reconciling the corporate side with the associate side, such that they are capable of doing both. While acting as an assistant manager, they’ll often receive assignments and responsibilities on a case-by-case basis from the store manager. This often includes scheduling, training, and policy insurance, meaning that an assistant manager has to be one part salesman, one part supervisor. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be good at everything, fill out your West Marine job application online today and find out.

Typical entry-level employees at West Marine make $7.25 an hour. Supervisory and management positions often receive a salary instead of an hourly wage. Starting salaries differ greatly depending on location, experience, expertise, and education.

West Marine Benefits

Qualifying West Marine employees receive a generous benefits package, including a retirement plan, health insurance, and more. Contact your local West Marine and fill out an application today to see what benefits you qualify for!

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