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Willow Creek Application – Apply Online At Willow Creek Today

Willow Creek Job Application Online

Willow Creek online job applications are the best way to get in contact with the hiring mangers at the company, since Willow Creek does not offer a downloadable job application form.

Willow Creek Jobs Available

Jobs available include Sales Associate, Candle Maker, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Willow Creek :

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Willow Creek.

Willow Creek Store Hours

Willow Creek is open from 9am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, and from 12am to 6pm on Sunday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Willow Creek

Willow Creek is a candle manufacturing company based in Oklahoma that sells over 60 different scents of candles. It offers wholesale purchasing as well as distribution to various stores across the United States.

Willow Creek online applications for employment are about as easy as they get. If you’re interested in a job, simply email the company at the contact email given on the site, and wait for a response.

Typically, you should include a cover letter and your resume. Volumes have been written about both, but remember, cover letters are the first things that your employer will see. Your ability to write a convincing and accurate cover letter is what separates your application from the possibly hundreds of other employment inquiries they receive daily. Grab their attention, make them want to read your resume.

Speaking of your resume, if you’re not confident or have an older resume, seek help from an experienced resume writer. There are resources online and elsewhere that can help your resume stand out from the crowd and highlight your abilities, proficiencies, and experiences and help leverage them into a job with a company you could really enjoy working for.

Most Common Positions At Willow Creek
& Income Information

The most common positions at Willow Creek include sales associate and candle maker

Sales associates work a little differently at Willow Creek Candles than at your typical retail location. Since the company largely operates by wholesale distribution and shipping, your job will be much like working in a call center. You’ll answer calls, direct customers to the right department, and fill out order forms for their products. It’s a lot like working as a retail sales associate, but largely over the phone instead of in person.

The next most common position is that of candle maker. Candle makers are experts in their field, and  it’s an unusual field in modern days. Candle makers should be proficient in various techniques and styles of candles, and be able to operate the necessary machinery and follow strict instructions to ensure the quality and potency of each candle.

Typical employees at Willow Creek make $7.25 an hour, but this varies depending job title, position, and experience.

Willow Creek Benefits

Willow Creek employees benefit from an employee discount, great hours, and paid time off. Qualified employees may even benefit from salary options, retirement plans, and more! Fill out your Willow Creek application online today and find out how you can enhance your career with a career in candles.

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