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Young Rembrandts Franchise Job Application Online

Young Rembrandts Franchise is a company that has dedicated its services to help the children in becoming familiar with arts and crafts. The company, which was founded in 1988 as a school for children to learn art has become a trusted name in the field of art education now. The company has progressed and expanded at an overwhelming pace and is currently the most trusted art school for kids in the United States. Young Rembrandts has made it possible for young kids to direct their energies in to the field of art and craft.The success of the company has been mostly down to the untiring efforts of the teachers that the company has hired to train the artists of the future. If you want to become an art teacher at Young Rembrandts and want to mentor the young kids in becoming the next Picasso, then submit your Young Rembrandts Franchise online application at your earliest.

Young Rembrandts Franchise Jobs Available

Young Rembrandts Franchise locations are spread all over the country, and all of them are hiring art teachers. This is why they are accepting Young Rembrandts Franchise applications and CVs from artists who have had experience of teaching young children. As an art teacher you will be required to help the children in learning the basics of arts and drawing. It will be your duty to inculcate the spirit of arts in the children and to show them how they can become better artists. You will be responsible for not only teaching the kids but also motivating them and helping them in unlocking their hidden capabilities. You will be provided a curriculum and the relevant course material and you will have to follow the teaching guidelines that have been set by the company.

How can I get a job at Young Rembrandts Franchise?

Candidates who love children and have a passion for arts and crafts are welcome to fill out the Young Rembrandts Franchise job application. The applicants applying for the post of art teacher need to have a background in arts and graphic design. The candidates must be enthusiastic and energetic and know how to deal with young kids. Applicants having experience of working with children would be preferred.

Where can I apply at Young Rembrandts Franchise?

The Young Rembrandts Franchise application form is accepted at all of the company’s art centers. If you like to apply online then the Young Rembrandts Franchise online application form is available for you at the company’s website.

Minimum Employment Age At Young Rembrandts Franchise

Young Rembrandts has a policy which dictates that no art teacher can be hired unless he is old enough and mature enough to handle the children. This is the reason why the company only accepts the Young Rembrandts Franchise applications from those applicants only who are above the age of 18.

Young Rembrandts Franchise Store Hours

Almost all of the Young Rembrandts facilities remain open all throughout Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Centers in some of the regions remain open longer than the usual time which is mostly for accommodating the students of that region.

Most Common Positions At Young Rembrandts Franchise & Income Information

Young Rembrandts has always liked hiring experienced artists as teachers to staff their ever increasing number of learning centers. These art teachers are offered a handsome salary package based on their experience and their level of expertise in arts.

Young Rembrandts Franchise Benefits

As an art teacher at Young Rembrandts, you would be granted additional benefits in addition to your salary package. These perks are going to include medical, dental and vision coverage, retirement plans, life insurance and paid holidays. The teachers at Young Rembrandts are also offered performance related bonuses as well if they are able to gain the children’s approval. So, if you love working in a peaceful and friendly environment teaching young children how to become the artists of the future then simply fill out the Young Rembrandts Franchise online application for employment and become a part of the company.

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