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CCS Job Application Online

CCS, a subsidiary of Foot Locker, sells skateboards, snowboards, and all the parts, clothing and accessories you need to fully enjoy the extreme sport experience. They have stores in various locations across the country and also sell through their online store. Foot Locker owns them and other sport store chains, with over 3,000 stores overall. Working for CCS will make you part of this giant organization, with access to opportunities all over the country.

CCS Jobs Available

To work at CCS, you should be first and foremost a skateboarding enthusiast. They hire associates to staff their various stores, including new ones just opening up. You don’t need any work experience, although it’s helpful, but you do need enthusiasm and readiness to learn. They may also hire for professional positions such as associate buyer and retail planner, which require some level of experience or training, but are still pretty easy to get into. Hurry to put in your CCS online application for employment to be eligible for hire right away.

Minimum Employment Age At CCS:

A CCS application requires you to be 18 or older.

CCS Store Hours

CCS stores are usually open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00am and 9:00pm; and Sunday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With CCS

CCS online applications are available through the Foot Locker website, as per the link below. You may also try calling up your local CCS or stopping by to find out if they have any openings. Any knowledge or experience  which you have with customer service, sales, retail stores, and especially skateboarding and other extreme sports should go on your application. You will need to set up a profile through the website in order to submit a CCS application form. If you feel that you didn’t get a chance to put down everything you want them to know in the application, consider adding a cover letter expressing your enthusiasm and interest.

CCS wants people who are creative, hardworking and will take initiative. They provide their own training but will want know that you have some firsthand experience and the interest to learn all you will need to know to help their customers. If you are able to interview following your CCS job application online, try to express that to them in how you answer their questions

Most Common Positions At CCS & Income Information

Like all retail establishments, CCS hires a large number of entry level workers who organize the stores, assist customers and handle the financial transactions. Associates have the opportunity to work up to supervisors and managers, seeing an increase in pay as they go. Starting pay may not be much above minimum wage, but advancement opportunities exist.

CCS Benefits

Working for CCS would give you flexible hours, paid training and employee discounts. Benefit packages include healthcare coverage, life insurance, 401k retirement accounts, tuition reimbursement and flexible spending accounts. A CCS job application can represent more than just a minimum wage job, it represents security and further career opportunities. Whether you’re working your way through college or looking for some place to settle down and grow, fill out a CCS job application form for consideration today.

To visit CCS’s website click here.

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