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Do you love to play or watch sports? Whether it be football, hockey, soccer, basketball, martial arts, tennis, running, or any of the other many sports that Modell’s stocks goods for, if have a passion for action, a sporting goods retailer is a great place to work. It’s a fact that almost all current Modell’s employees it is a fabulous work environment for anyone who likes sports and likes to help people.

Filling out and submitting an online job application is step one on your way to a position with Modell’s. This method is now the most popular way that people apply to work for this company.

About Modell’s

Modell’s is the United States’ oldest family-owned and operated sporting goods retailer. It was established in 1899, over 100 years ago. From the first year in business, Modell’s has had a ‘community share program’ to support sports that bring families together and teach children how to be team players. There corporate philosophy is based on cooperation, consideration and respect.

New York City’s mayor appointed the CEO of Modell’s, Mitchell Modell, to the New York City Sports Commission, and Mr. Modell currently serves as the commission’s chair. He also serves on other boards that work to benefit New York’s residents. 

The corporate head office is in New York City, New York, and retail stores are scattered throughout New England, Virginia and Washington, D.C. More than 4,000 employees currently work at Modell’s, and hiring is ongoing, as many of these positions are entry-level.

Types of job opportunities available at Modell’s

There are many job opportunities with Modell’s, as with any good size retail chain. There are both head office opportunities and store location positions available. You can apply for both types of position using the Modell’s online job application form.

In store, there are positions for manager, assistant manager, customer service representative, stock clerk and cashier.

The store manager makes upwards of $40,000 per year, while assistant managers may not be salaried, but rather hourly, making between $12 and $18 per hour, with a pay based on experience, education and performance. Managers and assistant managers will have had retail experience, a minimum of a high school diploma, and excellent references indicating superior leadership and management skills.

The customer service representative, stock clerk, and cashier positions are considered entry-level positions. These are hourly positions, usually part-time, though each store may have a few full-time employees. Starting pay is minimum wage in most cases.

The Modell’s warehouse offers opportunities for stock clerk, logistics and management positions. Stock clerks start at minimum wage, for the most part, while logistics and management jobs are paid according to experience, education and performance.

Administrative positions are available out of the Modell’s head office. These may include, but are not limited to, administrative assistant, marketing coordinator, marketing manager, buyer, merchandiser, accounting clerk, human resources, logistics, and senior management. The administrative positions are all salaried, full-time positions.

Benefits of working at Modell’s

Modell’s offers similar benefits to other successful retailers of a similar size. Full-time employees receive health, vacation, sick, and financial planning benefits. In addition, Modell’s does have some very unique employee benefits that set it apart:

Modell’s offers discounts on tickets to events – usually sports related

Special store discounts for employees on their work anniversary

Regular store employee discounts all year long.

Tips for applying for a position at Modell’s via the online job application or downloadable application

The online job application for Modell’s is particularly user friendly. It is available on the Modell’s website on the page marked  ‘Career Opportunities’. On this page, jobs are listed by category and applicants can click on the category that is of interest.

Openings for in-store positions such as sales clerk, department managers, shipping and receiving personnel, and cashier are listed on the website and the Modell’s online application is available to download and print. Once printed and complete, the applicant can simply bring it into the store at which he or she would like to work.

Specific tips for filling out your Modell’s online job application

After printing the downloaded application, make sure to review it and fill it out thoroughly. Blank lines may seem like oversights. If you do not know the answer to a question or a question does not seem to apply to you, mark it with “n/a” for not applicable. This will show that you did in fact see the question.

Keep the paper copy of the application looking crisp and tidy until you drop it off at its destination. Keep it in a file folder or a paper-size envelope so it stays clean and fresh. A dirty or crumpled application form gives a poor first impression.

Applying for positions at Modell’s corporate headquarters

Management positions and corporate head office positions are listed on the Modell’s career page as well. An online application is available to complete and submit electronically.

Find a position that is not right for you but might work for a friend? Modell’s website offers an easy way to send the link to a particular job opportunity to a friend.

If you are seeking a corporate or management position, update your resume so it demonstrates the skills you have that make you right for a career at Modell’s. Keep in mind that a resume is not simply a list of previous employers, job titles and descriptions. You are creating a document to demonstrate your particular expertise that makes you a qualified applicant for the desired position.

The Modell’s online application for those seeking positions at the corporate head office is much like the online application system of many large organizations and job search databases. It provides the applicant the choice to create a resume through their system or upload a resume from his or her computer or other source. 

More tips for getting a job at Modell’s

For any job interview, it is important to dress appropriately, or slightly more formally than how you would dress for the position you are seeking. For example, though Modell’s is a sporting goods store, dress to sell to customers, not to go play a sport yourself.

Ensure that you have taken the time to groom yourself appropriately and avoid any overpowering scented products, aftershaves, perfumes or colognes.

Finally, brush up on Modell’s corporate structure, key employees/owners and its corporate philosophy. This will allow you to portray an eager, informed and organized persona to your interviewer.

How can you get hired at Modell’s?

Employees at Modell’s can be part-time, full-time or seasonal workers.

Modell’s is proud of its commitment to hiring and promoting from within the company. However, when the best-qualified applicant is from outside the company, he or she will get the job. Modell’s has a college internship program for students interested in a career in retail management. Being a family owned and operated retail chain store with longevity, Modell’s is a unique case for business students to study.

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