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Orvis Job Application Online

Orvis was founded in 1856 as a fly fishing business and has now become one of the largest in the business in the US. The company has steadily expanded and is now not only a fly fishing company that offers fishing gear and equipment but has grown into one that also offers sporting outfits, hunting equipments and pet products as well. With around 9 outlets and 56 retail stores in the US only, the company consistently serves customers throughout the week in all parts of the country. From top quality fishing rods to an impressive range of sportswear and from top draw dog beds to complete hunting gears, Orvis offers it all to the customers. If you would like to work for such a large and successful company that is consistently growing then don’t waste a second in submitting the Orvis online application for employment.

Orvis Jobs Available

Orvis needs sales representatives and associates, accounting experts, cashiers, assistant and general managers for each of the outlets and stores while customer support staff, merchandise experts and IT managers remain high in demand too. If you think you are eligible for any of these jobs and have the skill set to meet the job requirements too then the Orvis application form at the website is the one you should be filling right now.

Minimum Employment Age at Orvis

Anyone who is eighteen years or older is eligible for an Orvis job application online.

Orvis Store Hours

The Orvis stores remain open throughout the week though the timings are different for Sundays as compared to the timings for Monday to Saturday. On weekdays the stores remain open from 10 am till 8pm while on Sundays the store hours are from 12pm to 6pm.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Orvis

  • The ‘Careers at Orvis’ link at the left of the homepage would lead you to the careers section of the website from where you can find information about the Orvis online application and news regarding open positions at the company.
  • The Orvis job application form requires general information while a professional resume must be submitted with the application so as to convey your expertise, skills and experience to the hiring manager. With a great CV, you can take the lead over others in impressing the hiring panel and thus, it remains important that you take your time while forming your resume.
  • By showing interest in working at Orvis, you could enhance your chances of landing a job. So, after submitting the application, do visit the relevant Orvis store or office and spend a couple of minutes chatting with the manager to get an edge over other applicants.

Most Common Positions at Orvis & Income Information

The most common positions that remain open at Orvis include sales and administrative related ones with IT analyst and fishing expert jobs also frequently open. The company hires both permanent and part-time workers through its Orvis job application and offers a competitive salary package according to the amount and technicality of the work. Managers remain the highest paid in the business at Orvis though sales representatives and accountants are offered exciting packages as well.

Orvis Benefits

Orvis offers an ideal work environment for the employees that help them enjoy their work as much as anything. Apart from the competitive salary, there are many other benefits offered by Orvis as well for its full-time workers. The benefits include medical and health plans, 401(k) retirement schemes, paid vacations and career advancement opportunities. If the idea of working for such a caring company excites you then filling the Orvis application is a must.

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