Video Store Jobs

Working at a video store like Blockbuster or Movie Stop can be a pretty decent experience if you have a passion for movies and like helping people pick out the best. It’s still retail, so it can be tedious, but it’s not a bad way to make some money. Having a video store job means that you’re always up to date on the latest releases and your store discount means that you can save a lot of money if you’re a habitual renter.

When business is slow, you’ll find that a lot of your efforts go towards taking the day’s rental returns (or possibly the last day’s, or the day’s before that, depending on how diligent the other employees are, and how much business the video store you work at has), and putting them back on the shelves in the right place. In addition, you’ll be expected to sort the videos themselves, in the very likely case that a customer has misplaced a movie, put it in the wrong place, or left it on the floor. It helps to have at least a tolerance for cleaning and organizing, as some customers can be pretty bad about putting things back to where they got them from.

On busy days, you’ll still be required to return the videos back to the floor, but you’ll also have to help customers find what they’re looking for and help them make their purchases. This part of your job can be the most awful, if you don’t like talking to people, or the most entertaining; People are usually more than happy to talk about the movies they’re renting. Sure, sometimes you’ll get grumpy people, or children with bad attitudes that love trashing your store, but you can get that in any job. For the most part, people will be courteous and fairly direct. Plus, in the rare case that you get a real cinephile in your store, it can be a good opportunity to discover movies, actors, and directors that you’ve never heard of. It can be a real eye-opener. Like most jobs, a video store job is as pleasant as you make it.

Most video stores are open from the early morning to fairly late at night, meaning that there are hours available to fit almost any schedule. They’re also open on most weekends and holidays, so students or those seeking additional part-time employment can work around their schedules. In addition, there are usually pretty convenient locations no matter where you live, so make sure to check before you send in your video store application. There’s no reason to apply for a location that’s farther out than necessary if you can work closer to home for the same company.

So while working for a video store isn’t all sunshine and roses, it’s not a bad job, either. If you don’t mind organizing and cleaning your store regularly, your employee discount and the people who come in to rent and purchase your products can keep you enjoying your job.

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