Mid And Upper Management Career Advancement and Job Applications

Career Coaching For Management

How Middle and Upper Management Can Improve and Get Ahead

With all the news headlines about unemployment and the unemployed, it’s easy to forget that just as important to our economic business structure is the welfare and career improvement of the corporate middle and upper management. If you are one of these individuals, success is defined not so much as finding a job, but rather as being able to optimize your work environment and the productivity of the people you manage. Success is also about you being able to navigate potential pathways to career advancement either within your current company or in companies that might be eager to use your talents.

As the need for top of the line managers continues to grow, career coaching for middle and upper management has become more important. As the demand rises for talented individuals so does the level of competition as you advance through the corporate  structure.

In this section, we are going to explore a variety of different career coaching options at your disposal, as well as offer a variety of free resources for you to study and use.

Marcia Zidle “The Actualizer”:

Marcia Zidle, author of “Career Savvy: Life Preservers for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Raging Waters” and “The Effective Manager” has worked for over 25 years with corporate managers from dozens of major corporations, including McDonalds. Nokia and Southwest Airlines.  Ms. Zidle teaches her clients that to be an effect corporate manager one has to be an “Actualizer”. Being an actualizer means incorporating four specific qualities into your work and career:

  • Leveraging your strengths, network, and resources to future proof your career.
  • Making sure your career is on the right track and you’re not sidetracked.
  • Improving work performance to meet the challenges of your position.
  • Developing leadership skills and style to advance in your career.

These four key components are what make up Ms. Zidle’s Careerbuilder program for managers. This Careerbuilder program is specifically tailored to individuals who want to “move up to the next career level – ahead of competition – into new areas – over and around obstacles – beyond business as usual – towards future achievement and success.”

Ms. Zidle’s obvious enthusiasm is something she works hard to convey to her clients and is a key component of her on success. To that point, we can also recommend her free online book Career Power: 101 Success Tips

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