The scholarship was established to reward job applicants who display exceptional work ethic, are non-traditional students, have served in the military, experienced financial hardship or are deserving of a scholarship for other reasons.

Amount: $250 per semester

Area of Study: Any

Requirements: Submit an essay/blog of 300 words or less.  Letters of recommendation and previous coursework will be taken into consideration during the selection process.

Content:  Select one of the three topics for your essay/blog

  1. Overcoming financial hardship – What you learned and advice you would give.
  2. Life experience – Lessons formal education systems will not provide.
  3. Work Ethic – Explaining the generational gap.

Submission procedures: email essay/blog to

Include any attachments (resume, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.)  Be sure that all supporting documents are attached to your application as Microsoft Word or PDF documents before clicking the “Send” button.

Deadline:   Fall Semester (July 1st 2015)     Spring Semester December 1st, 2015)

All essays/blogs and attachments must be received before the deadline.  All Letters of recommendation and/or reference must include the contact information of the author.  If you have taken any classes please include transcripts from previous courses.


* Min. of 50 Applicants required

* Applicants will be considered from multiple educational programs

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