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For most people and businesses, filing taxes is confusing, frustrating, and an overall burden. For many years, large banks and businesses dominated the tax filing landscape and they lost touch with their clients. For many, people felt they were just numbers and dollars for tax preparers. But in 2006, Smart Tax was founded to bring back the personal and friendly relationship between tax accountants and their clients. When you apply for a career using the Smart Tax online application, you are expressing your desire to want to serve the client and provide them with professional, courteous, and accurate service that is unmatched by any other tax preparation company.

Smart Tax Jobs Available

Smart Tax is frequently seeking tax accountants and specialists to serve their customers year round. Most people associate tax preparation services with tax season, but there are many consumers who need tax advice and services throughout the year. Unlike other services, Tax Smart does not close its doors at the end of the tax season. To apply for a position at Smart Tax, complete the Smart Tax job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Smart Tax

There are no age restrictions for to complete a Smart Tax online application for employment, but Smart Tax does require at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minimum of three years of experience in corporate taxes, public accounting, or similar lines of work. Certification as a public accountant is preferred but not required. Often times, demonstrating that you are working toward obtaining your public accountant certification will suffice.

Smart Tax Store Hours

Smart Tax offices are open year round. Between May and January, locations are typically open from 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday and closed during weekends and holidays. During the peak tax season, Smart Tax’s operating hours are drastically increased to include opening early, closing late into the evening, and being open during weekends and holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Smart Tax

To be considered for a position when submitting a Smart Tax application, a candidate must include a resume that includes a bachelor’s degree in accounting, at least three years of relevant experience, experience with popular tax preparation software, and exceptional communication skills. As with any position that requires working with money, attention to detail and organizational skills are critical. For those employees who outclass their colleagues, senior tax accountant and auditor positions are oftentimes made available.

Most Common Positions At Smart Tax & Income Information

Most applicants who submit a resume with their Smart Tax online application for employment and are selected are employed as tax accountants. A select few may be chosen for additional duties to include supervisory and auditing responsibilities based on their experience and background. Hourly salaries for tax accountants employed by Smart Tax typically range from $14 to $20 per hour. Fixed salaries are also offered and fall between $50k and $65k a year depending on experience.

Smart Tax Benefits

Aside from a decent salary and relatively good job security, Smart Tax accountants enjoy other benefits such as health and dental insurance; disability and life insurance; flexible spending accounts; 401(k) and other retirement plans; and paid vacations and holidays. Complete and submit a Smart Tax online application if you want to build lasting relationships with clients and treat them as people rather than numbers.

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