Advertising services provide careers for the creative, and needless to say they are high paying jobs. This industry is all about promoting products and services. The jobs involve a lot of market research, qualitative and quantitative analysis and as we mentioned creativity as well. The jobs are highly competitive and very few people make it in this industry. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from preparing your advertising services online application for employment. This is because the jobs pay incredibly well and there is a lot of career growth in the industry. Education alone will not get you the interview let alone a job, you need to possess great analytical skills, people skills, self-confidence, great attention to detail and much more. People who succeed in advertising services are not the average person; they tend to think outside the box and are greatly talented.

Advertising Services Jobs Available

Submit your advertising services application form for roles in technical production, content production and administrative roles. Administrative roles include: production accountant, lawyers, PA and production manager. With content production you have writers, researchers, copy writers, marketers and communication officers. Technical production jobs include editing and camera work amongst others.

Minimum Employment Age at Advertising Services

For your advertising job application online to be considered, you need to beat least 18 years and above.

Important Tips to Apply Online With Advertising Services

  • To get an interview, you will need to prepare an advertising services online application.
  • Most agencies do not accept hard copy applications and you will have to access the company’s career portal to find the advertising services online application.
  • Remember that the advertising services job application form is your first introduction to the company and if well prepared, it could open doors for you. A good application should include factual information. It needs to highlight your strengths and skills relevant with the job.
  • Some agencies will require that you submit a resume along with the advertising services job application form. Make sure that your resume connects your education, skills and experience with the position you are applying for. Include activities and other positions or duties you have had that qualify you for the advertising job. Keep the resume precise, clear and interesting.

Advertising Services Benefits

Different advertising agencies will have their different set of benefits for employees. Some of these benefits will vary depending on the type of employment and most of the time full time employees enjoy many of these benefits.Medical coverage in form of medical, dental and vision insurance is provided. You could also get short and long term disability plans, life insurance, paid vacation, paid sick off, bereavement time off and parental leave all of which are paid. There are various investment and retirement plans such as the 401(K) retirement plan. Some companies also have stock purchase plans as well. You might also get continuous education benefits with tuition reimbursement, overtime and other benefits. It’s important to note that most companies offer the basic benefits such as medical insurance but some go above and beyond what is expected by the law to reward employees with bonus programs, fitness, child care and other benefits.  You may want to have a look at some of the compensation plans provided by different companies as you prepare your advertising services application.

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