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AArrow Advertising Job Application Online

In the summer of 1999, the founder of AArrow Advertising created a business in his college dorm room with less than $500. He hired his friends and they danced on street corners, twirling signs with advertisements from local businesses. The idea caught on and sign spinning was born. Now, the original sign spinning company has over 5,000 employees in 41 cities across the United States, Canada, and in Europe. There are many imitators out there, but if you want to work for the original sign spinning company, submit an AArrow Advertising online application for employment.

AArrow Advertising Jobs Available

AArrow Advertising offers jobs to sign spinners, sales associates, and graphic designers. As the name insinuates, sign spinners perform freestyle-type dances while promoting a product or business on a twirling sign. Sales associates work with businesses and clients who want to use sign spinners for advertising and work out the arrangements. Graphic designers create the signs that are used by the sign spinners. If any of these jobs appeal to you, complete and submit an AArrow Advertising application form.

Minimum Employment Age At AArrow Advertising

AArrow Advertising is unique in that they focus on hiring high school students, college students, and recent college graduates. The company founders know how hard seeking employment can be without experience, so they offer a career opportunity that can help students get that experience while being fun and profitable as well. The minimum age for employment as a sign spinner is 16 years old. Sales associates and graphic designers must have at least an associate’s degree in their respective fields, but oftentimes no employment experience is required.

AArrow Advertising Store Hours

AArrow Advertising stores are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm and closed on all weekends and holidays. Sign spinners work during peak traffic hours, usually in split shifts that begin around 10am and end around 8pm. Sign spinners will be required to work weekends and may also be required to work on some holidays and at special events.

Important Tips To Apply Online With AArrow Advertising

Sign spinning is an excellent job for youths who are looking for a first job. It allows them to work outdoors and be the center of attention. Sign spinners are not required to learn how to dance. Everything is done freestyle, but AArrow Advertising offers training on spinning techniques that can be used. To improve your chances of getting accepted as an employee after submitting an AArrow Advertising application, you should demonstrate your enthusiasm to the hiring manager. They are looking for energetic employees who excited to get out and advertise. The more exited a sign spinner appears to be, the more likely consumers will take notice of the advertisement.

Most Common Positions At AArrow Advertising & Income Information

By far, the most common position available when submitting an AArrow Advertising job application is for sign spinning. Sign spinner salaries range from $9 per hour to $11 per hour. Sales associates make between $10 and $12 and graphic designers can make up to $14 per hour.

AArrow Advertising Benefits

The best benefits of being a sign spinner for AArrow Advertising are the opportunity to work outdoors, have fun, and get paid to do both. AArrow Advertising offers sign spinning technique training to all new spinners, but the instructions are only advice. Once a sign spinner gets on the street, they are free to use their creativity to dance their own routine. Apply with the AArrow Advertising online job application if you want to have fun and get paid for it.

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