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SuperCoups Job Application Online

SuperCoups is an advertising company that specializes in providing affordable marketing solutions for small businesses. SuperCoups advertises through standard mail channels and advertisements can reach over 100,000 households in each of their 28 regions of operation across the nation. By completing a SuperCoups application online, you are embarking on a journey to becoming a team member of SuperCoups, a company that has served small business, the backbone of the American economy, since 1982.

SuperCoups Jobs Available

Jobs that you may be considered for when you complete your SuperCoups online application for employment are marketing associate, graphic designer, advertising consultant, and advertising sales associate. To be selected for a position, be sure to include a current resume with your SuperCoups application.

Minimum Employment Age At SuperCoups

At SuperCoups, there is no age restriction, but most employees have completed at least two years in a post-secondary school. Marketing associates, advertising consultants, and advertising sales representatives oftentimes have associates and bachelor’s degrees in the fields of business, management, or marketing while graphic designers usually have degrees in art and computer drafting fields of study.

SuperCoups Store Hours

At most locations, the office hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. However, employees of SuperCoups may be required to work extended hours to complete projects and meet deadlines.

Important Tips To Apply Online With SuperCoups

Relevant experience in marketing, particularly in print advertising, is strongly recommended. The easiest way to demonstrate experience is by attaching a current and detailed resume with your SuperCoups online application form. Although there is no set requirement for experience, most applicants with at least three years or more of successful marketing experience will have a better chance for employment consideration.

Most Common Positions At SuperCoups & Income Information

The most common positions that are made available using the SuperCoups online application are for marketing and advertising related careers, such as marketing associates, advertising sales representatives, advertising consultants, and graphic designers. Occasionally, positions in the fields of project management and sales management are also available.

Salary is negotiated after the SuperCoups job application is received by each location, but experienced marketers and sales professionals may have starting salaries in excess of $18 an hour. Commissions and bonuses are also rewarded for excellent performance.

SuperCoups Benefits

When you complete and submit you SuperCoups application, you are joining a family and not just a company. Most SuperCoups locations employee between 10 and 50 employees, so many employees will attest that the workplace really has a family feel to it. Employees are encouraged to take initiative and work independently on assignments while still bonding as a team to complete an overall task. Many employees have expressed that they feel they are not being micromanaged or that they are working for a boss, but instead they feel like they are an important part of a team.

Because each SuperCoups location is locally owned and operated, different benefits packages are offered. Some locations offer basic benefits, such as paid vacation and sick time off, while other locations may be able to offer more comprehensive benefits packages to include medical, dental, and life insurance policies; retirement options; and education benefits. Submit your SuperCoups job application form with you current resume to start your next career journey.

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