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Vivid Digital Concepts LLC Job Application Online

Vivid Digital Concepts LLC is the premier provider of electronic advertising displays for companies and businesses on a budget. Vivid Digital Concepts LLC accomplishes this by leasing and deploying mobile flat screen televisions of up to 42 inches in size to display advertisements anywhere that they can be installed, such as lobbies, storefronts, entrances, and on shelves near products. The screens, which can be left portable or be mounted in a stationary position, advertise locally-relevant content to area residents in highly- visible and high-traffic areas, Since 2009, Vivid Digital Concepts LLC has expanded from a single location to having a presence in 11 cities across the nation. If you would like to be a part of one of the fastest growing forms of digital advertising, submit your Vivid Digital Concepts LLC application online.

Vivid Digital Concepts LLC Jobs Available

Vivid Digital Concepts LLC is currently hiring service technicians, marketing associates, and graphic designers to be a part of the digital revolution and the company’s expansion. Service technicians install and maintain company equipment and are a critical component of the Vivid Digital Concepts LLC team. Marketing associates serve a dual purpose for Vivid Digital Concepts LLC by promoting the company to potential clients while developing marketing campaigns with the clients. Graphic designers serve the last link to Vivid Digital Concepts LLC by using their creative spirit to take the ideas of clients and the marketing associates and turning them into the digital advertisements that consumers see. Without any of these key positions, Vivid Digital Concepts LLC would not be as successful as it has been and will continue to be. Your experience and skills are needed, so complete a Vivid Digital Concepts LLC job application now.

Minimum Employment Age At Vivid Digital Concepts LLC

Due to state and federal regulations regarding electrical maintenance, potential service technicians who fill out a Vivid Digital Concepts LLC application form must be at least 18 years of age or older. Service technicians must also possess the minimum requirements of training and certifications to be qualified to work as an electrician in their location. There are no age limitations for marketing associates, but they must have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar degree program and have at least three years of relevant experience. Graphic designers also do not have a minimum age requirement, but they must have at least three years of experience in computer or digital graphic design. Two or more years of college education are preferred but not required.

Vivid Digital Concepts LLC Store Hours

Vivid Digital Concepts LLC is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. The company is closed on weekends and holidays. Service technicians may be required to work additional hours and some weekends to complete service and maintenance orders as needed.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Vivid Digital Concepts LLC

Applicants need to have a positive attitude and be committed to their work. Vivid Digital Concepts LLC is looking for long term employees who plan on staying with the company. Company hiring managers will review Vivid Digital Concepts LLC applications and ensure that applicants’ work histories are strong and steady.

Most Common Positions At Vivid Digital Concepts LLC & Income Information

The most common job available with Vivid Digital Concepts LLC is that of service technician. Service technicians are offered salaries between $12 and $18 per hour based on experience and training. Service technicians can make more money with after hours compensation and overtime opportunities. Marketing associates and graphic designers are offered salaries ranging from $32,000 to $45,000, based on experience and education.

Vivid Digital Concepts LLC Benefits

Vivid Digital Concepts LLC offers all of its employees competitive benefits packages that include medical and life insurances; 401k; and paid vacation and sick days. Fill out your Vivid Digital Concepts LLC application online now.

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