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Welcomemat Services Application – Apply Online At Welcomemat Services Today

Welcomemat Services Job Application Online

Welcomemat Services is a direct-mail advertising agency that provides sophisticated marketing of local products and services for individuals and families who have recently moved. As part of the Welcomemat Services team, you will be connecting local and regional stores, shops, restaurants, and medical resources to serve consumers who have recently changed their addresses. Welcomemat Services has been in service since 2003 and has been recognized by Forbes, American Express, the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money, and CNBC. Complete and submit a Welcomemat Services online application for employment if you want to reach out to up to 43 million people in 25 target markets who change their addresses each year.

 Welcomemat Services Jobs Available

Welcomemat Services is looking for dedicated and professional employees to fill positions in advertising, marketing, and sales. Current positions that are available for Welcomemat Services application include marketing specialists, marketing managers, print designers, and advertising sales executives.

 Minimum Employment Age At Welcomemat Services

Welcomemat Services does not have any minimum employment ages, but all positions have minimum requirements of education and experience to be considered for employment. Every position requires at least three to five years of practical experience combined with at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a business- or marketing-related major. Welcomemat Services has strict employment demands and candidates who submit a Welcomemat Services online application with resume who do not meet minimum experience requirements may not be considered.

 Welcomemat Services Store Hours

Welcomemat Services is open weekdays from 9am to 6pm with an hour lunch at noon. Welcomemat Services is closed on all federal holidays. Employees may occassionally be required to work late or on weekends, but this is not common.

 Important Tips To Apply Online With Welcomemat Services

Candidates for employment at Welcomemat Services must have excellent communication skills and be approachable and personable. Welcomemat Services strives to build and maintain close relationships with local and regional businesses, so it is of utmost importance that advertising sales executives be able to prospect for new clients, set and keep appointment, and market the Welcomemat Services advertising advantage. Marketing specialists and managers must be skilled at portraying clients and their interests to the Welcomemat Services target market, potential consumers who have just moved. Candidates who complete and submit a Welcomemat Services job application must be able to work within budget constraints and follow strict timelines.

 Most Common Positions At Welcomemat Services & Income Information

All positions available for hiring at Welcomemat Services fall into the fields of marketing and advertising. Marketing specialists and sales executives are in the highest demand. Income for these positions is based on experience and is competitive with other marketing and sales positions in the sector. Employees will be compensated with base salaries plus commissions.

 Welcomemat Services Benefits

Welcomemat Services offers performance based bonuses and incentives programs for commitment and excellence. Welcomemat Services also offers competitive benefits packages that include medical, dental, and vision insurance plans for employees and their families. Other benefits include term life insurance; paid vacations and holidays; and a retirement savings plan. Take advantage of Welcomemat Services’ immediate openings by completing and submitting a Welcomemat Services online application and attaching a current resume now.


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