Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans Application

Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans Application – Apply Online At Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans Today

Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans Job Application Online

The Armed Forces provide assistance and benefits for military veterans whose service-related injuries or disabilities prevent them from maintaining employment income.  Provided your discharge from military service was not a dishonorable discharge, you will be eligible if you have any disability incurred during or related to your military services. The base amount of compensation is just over three thousand dollars per month, although you may qualify for additional funds if your disabilities are very sever (including lost limbs), if you have dependents (spouse, children, or parents), or if your spouse is severely disabled.

Available Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans

You may submit an Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans application form for monetary monthly disability pay, for travel reimbursement, and for health care coverage.  You should also refer to the website’s informational page about state benefits for veterans, and see what benefits or assistance programs are offered by your own state to veterans.  State programs sometimes include scholarships and educational grants, exemptions from taxes, assistance with home loans or veteran housing, free fishing and hunting licenses for life, and other benefits.  For military service members whose disabilities are extremely severe, there is an additional level of benefits available under the title of Special Monthly Compensation, or SMC.  The type of disability which qualifies a veteran for SMC includes, but is not limited to, the loss (or lost use) of a limb, paralysis, sight or hearing loss, loss of the use of reproductive organs, deafness, loss of speech, or loss of breasts or buttocks.  The complex pay table permits a veteran to calculate what benefits should be forthcoming for any particular damage, or combination of hurts.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans

  • To apply for VA Disability Compensation, submit your Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans online application in the form of the VA Form 21-526.
  •  To accompany your Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans application form, you should include records regarding your dependents (e.g. Marriage certificate and birth certificates of children) as well as medical records, doctor reports, and hospital files to support and describe the medical conditions of your injury or disability.
  • The website provides support services for your profile and application, including explanations of benefits and eligibility, VA partners and service organizations, links to organizations which might provide additional disability assistance, and detailed instructions to help you in filling out the forms and applications.
  • Additional assistance may be available in the form of Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) for those whose injuries or disabilities resulted directly from combat action.

Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans Benefits

Your Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans application can position you profit from the monetary assistance (up to $3,100 per month) which forms the base of the benefit system, as well as additional services and opportunities.  Travel costs may be reimbursed for any travel related to the treatment of the injury or disability, as well as mileage reimbursement or public transportation fees for day-to-day movements for veterans whose service-related disabilities are declared to be greater than thirty percent.  For those who are bedridden, housebound, or unable to care for themselves, benefits may cover the costs of qualifying in-home care, rehabilitation services, or care facility.

To visit Assistance for Disabled and Injured Veterans’s website click here.

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